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The best Italian casinos that present Live Baccarat to their customers

il baccarat vive con un venditore sorridente

The Casino1 team puts together for its readers the best informative and detailed reviews of the best new-online casinos that Casino1 offers with absolute quality and reliability. Our site features a lot of proven and reliable operators with the Italian AAMS license, which will definitely please you with high-quality gameplay, a variety of entertainment and generous bonuses. You can watch a few videos as examples of how Live Baccarat happens to help you decide which safe online casino you prefer.

Safe Italian AAMS Casinos for Playing Live Baccarat


Frequently Asked Questions about Live Baccarat

Do the croupiers speak Italian?

Of course, the answer is yes! Baccarat is a game with ancient roots that is considered a classic in Italy. In addition, the most common languages among live dealers are English and Italian. In the review of online casinos reviewed at Casino1, we offer you dealers with an Italian license to operate live and in high definition. The language spoken at the gaming table is usually displayed in the gaming lobby of new online casinos.

Screenshot del baccarat dal vivo con il mazziere italiano
Screenshot of live baccarat with Italian dealer

Can I play on my mobile phone or tablet??

In fact, there are several legal casinos on the net that allow us to play Live Baccarat with a professional dealer on our mobile device. First you need to check the respective dealer, but it is much more common to play on the PC desktop in real time. I would like to note that the LeoVegas Live Casino mobile platform offers an excellent and almost unrivaled gaming experience.

Is Live Baccarat available as a free trial??

It is not possible to study for free in trial mode in most cases - this is mainly due to the high costs of producing live HD videos in modern studios, hiring a professional dealer, etc. Live Baccarat tables offered by some of the online dealers are available to experience the unique and exciting environment of live dealers. In addition, some secure online gaming rooms allow you to join live sessions and watch them before placing your own bet.

Are the chances of winning in Dealer Baccarat the same as in Classic Online Baccarat?

Yes, the odds are the same for both versions of online games. But it is important to consider that there may be some differences between the various licensed online casino operators. If you want to know how to increase your chances of winning, read this information on the Casino1 website. Check out our online baccarat strategy article for all the best tips and get the point across!

How to play Live Baccarat for real money?

Most online live dealer games are included in the offers of Italian online casinos. Thus, in order to play Live Baccarat online for real money, the player needs to register, create an account at a pre-selected virtual casino, and fund their gaming account. However, beginners who would like to practice a bit and figure out the tricks with Live Baccarat could simply watch the gameplay without sitting down at the table. This is especially valuable because the free play mode is rarely allowed for seated players.

Bonuses for playing Live Baccarat

Baccarat is generally excluded from the games that count towards the new bonuses offered at Italian online casinos. As a result, Live Baccarat fans are unlikely to find valid promotions or regular play bonuses to apply to Live Baccarat wagers.

However, some newer online casinos offer daily, weekly tournaments or other live events that baccarat fans can freely participate in HD. So, if you're looking for a Live Baccarat bonus, we highly recommend that you check back often on our dedicated casino promotions page.

What is Live Baccarat?

When you play Live Baccarat online, you are actually playing against a real dealer in a real-time casino. In this case, you simply watch it on the screen of your computer. Instead of pushing you against the software so you can enjoy your favorite game, a live dealer shuffles and deals cards, following the third card rule, while you explore the gaming environment from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

To summarize, the most important characteristics of Live Baccarat are as follows:

  • Receive HD images live from the Baccarat table in a secure casino;
  • Cards - yours and other game participants - are distributed in real time by a real professional casino dealer;
  • Live broadcast of your choice of Live Baccarat;
  • Place bets directly from the screen, as in the now famous online baccarat;
  • You enjoy playing in a real land-based casino right from your home or office;
  • You can chat live with other players at the table using the chat feature.

Why play Live Baccarat?

You don't need to dress up, procrastinate, or even leave your house to experience the real live casino experience and stock up on incredible sensations.

You don't even have to worry about getting to and from the casino. Now, thanks to modern technology, everyone can play live baccarat from their living room, even leaning back in their chair.

Even though it is 100% safe and trustworthy to play Live Baccarat, there will always be someone who is skeptical and very cautious about betting against PC. This is due to the fact that such people do not believe that the development of the game happens completely by chance. If you somehow fit into this category, playing Live Baccarat is right for you. Thanks to this, you will be able to see how the real dealer shuffles and turns over the cards.

And the main reason some players naturally gravitate toward the professional croupier of their favorite web casino is because they want to feel like they're in a real arcade game, not playing a video game. By looking at real maps, not digital ones, you get that human element. And playing with live dealers will make you have absolutely no regrets about the real room.

Here is a list of advantages that make playing live and not the classic version of baccarat popular among AAMS licensed online casino users:

  • You can play against a real live dealer from the comfort of your home;
  • Even cautious online gambling players can feel safe watching the dealer shuffle and deal cards in real time;
  • You can play at any time;
  • You will be able to almost completely simulate the experience of Live Casino, interacting in real time with the croupier and other players at the table;
  • Games with real cards instead of the digital counterpart.

Rules of the game in Live Baccarat

The first thing to know is that the user interface is very similar to what we see when playing classic baccarat in Italian online casinos. You can bet and continue by simply clicking on the options you see on the screen. The game mechanism is completely identical to the game in a real land-based casino. It is necessary to bet on one of three possible outcomes of the game: the victory of the player, the banker or a draw.

It is recommended to clarify the minimum and maximum limits for betting in the selected casino. But keep in mind that the minimum amounts are usually slightly higher than in classic online baccarat. This is due to the cost of producing live images (complete with sound and HD quality), as well as paying professional croupiers.

A Live Baccarat table hosts multiple players playing together live. It is possible to interact in real time both with other players and with the dealer himself through the available chat function. All of this, along with acoustic effects and webcam angles, help create a sense of authentic gaming experience. It is certainly a bit limited when you play baccarat online regularly.

Instead of dealing with digital cards, the live dealer will shuffle real cards and deal two cards each to both the player and the dealer. The dealer then deals another one according to the third card rule, which you can read about below. The object of the game is simple: to score close to 9 points. The live dealer will announce the points and continue to deal the third card according to a pre-set rule and only if necessary. If you win, your online casino account will be credited and you will be able to withdraw funds from their online platform using your preferred or pre-set payment method.

If you want to get an idea of this live baccarat variant before you even start playing for real money, there are real videos available as examples of the live game environment and features. This was done so that users could experience the atmosphere and decide if they want to play classic baccarat online. After all, not everyone is ready to succumb to the emotions of a live casino, as they do not like the atmosphere of this virtual room.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more detailed guide to live baccarat live streaming, strategies and rules, we strongly recommend that you check the following pages often:

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Card Dealing Variations in Live Baccarat

There are many different ways to deal playing cards. Many of these methods are now also offered when playing Live Baccarat. Among the most popular and common options, it is worth highlighting a quick or regular surrender, a squeeze when the move is controlled by the dealer, or a squeeze controlled by the player. Leading web casino game providers such as Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Extreme Live Gaming have done their best to meet all the important needs and preferences of even the most demanding and capricious players.

Regardless of which option you choose, Live Baccarat is a very simple game with little strategy. Particular attention here should be paid only to the correct choice of the initial rate. Make a Punto, bet on Banco or guess the draw (or possibly another side bet of your choice). And a professional croupier will do the rest live in front of your eyes.

Play LIVE Baccarat at AAMS Italian Casinos!

With Live Baccarat, you will finally be able to discover an authentic gaming environment that is fully tailored to your preferences and play in real time with professional dealers. Experience HD quality live streaming and the thrill of hitting the 9 and beating the dealer! Register at the trusted Italian casinos below and prove yourself TODAY!