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How to play Baccarat to win more

tabella del baccarat con il commerciante femminile che sorride
Questa è una guida breve ma concreta su come vincere a Baccarat: principi, strategie, sistemi di gioco e tipi di scommessa che aiutano a chi ama questo gioco semplice e affascinante.

Although the idea of ​​Baccarat would have been born in Macao in the distant 1400s, traces of its diffusion can also be found in Italy starting from that historical period. In a short time, the game also called Baccarat gained popular acceptance and was used both to earn real money and to have fun with what was available.

However, our analysis does not aim to explain why even today Baccarat remains among the most popular games in foreign and Italian casinos. It aims to clarify how we could win more often, especially in virtual rooms on the web!

Automatic actions in Baccarat

Before we can delve into the subject – with particular emphasis on how to win real money at baccarat – we want to remind ourselves of some basic principles of the game.

  • Everything that matters (almost) in the game revolves around thepuntate inizialiwhat could we do
  • Every single action of the player and the dealer in relation to the cards to be taken ispredeterminataand could not be affected much. You just have to place your bet at the right time: and since they are short sessions, we just have to stay focused at the beginning of each hand to be able to have our say.

The main questions that online players and users of the various forums on legal gaming on the net ask themselves concern precisely the possibility and the probabilities of winning more at Punto and Banco. As just said though – and as lovers of one of one of the know most popular gambling games – with this game you have to leave to have fun. Each win would further enhance this gaming experience.

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Baccarat rules

Since we are really talking about simple principles, let's take the risk of boring the more experienced among us and make a quick list of the rules of the draw in Baccarat. These apply equally when the game is handled by both a professional dealer and an automated RNG.

All those who would like to know more about the most successful betting strategies, however, scroll down a little further in our baccarat guide.

We said:

  • TheAzioni della Punta(player) are more or less outlined:

Hit card with any count sum between 0 and 5 inclusive.

It remains as it is if it has a total count between 6 and 9.

  • TheAzioni del Bancoare equally predetermined:

Call card with 0, 1 or 2

Stick with a 7, 8 or 9.

The beauty of unpredictability increases with the numerous combinations and outcomes when theBancoreceives cards with apunteggio totale tra il 3 e il 6. In that case, the dealer must follow the draw table below (which also depends on the cards the player receives, i.e. the Punta).

Prima Carta

del Banco

Chiama quando la punta riceve

Resta se la punta riceve


1-2-3-4-5-6-7-10 8







6 6-7


Differences in winnings paid to Baccarat

As we know, whether it is a rule or the more widespread practice, winning bets on the Player pay 2 to 1 (often displayed as1 a 1and intended as a net gain), while those on the counter19a20(always net profit). The latter is determined by the typical commission of 5%, also called “la cagnotte”. It must be considered that some new casinos – also and above all online – have tried over the years to introduce thecagnotte di 4%.

In addition, sometimes we find certain margins of difference between operators with respect tovincite sul Pari: you usually pay8 a 1, some casinos also offer the9 a 1. We know well the reasons why it is not a wise behavior to bet on parity: the low percentage of winning of the same; moreover, usually in the case of Egalité the bets placed on the Punta or the Banco will be returned to you. But for those who dare to make such a baccarat bet, it would definitely be better to have the latter as a payout offered by aams online casino .

Therefore, in terms of winning baccarat strategies and game systems that influence the outcomes of Punto and Banco, you can already have a little something from the casino rules on winnings and their respective payments.

Spunti per chi vuole vincere di più:

  • Find the best new Italian online casinos that offer onecagnotte più bassa(4% or so) and a paymentpiù alto in caso di Parità.

Famous betting systems

Reading around on the most famous Baccarat betting systems, one immediately gets the idea that many of them mirror the general betting strategies valid for the world of online and land-based gambling. The various Labouchere and Martingale, for example, we also find them applied here by some players who claim they are infallible Baccarat betting systems and in general in the casino field. One must be careful though: mathematical proofs and statistical proofs are mostly theories, even if they are valid. This does not mean that all this would be repeated in real life or in our experience. We at Casino 1 know something about them, since we have tried them all with very fluctuating success.


immagine che spiega il sistema di scommesse 1-3-2-6
Ci sono tuttavia dei sistemi di scommessa più adatti al Baccarat in particolare, o almeno li troviamo più praticati tra i giocatori con più esperienza nei casinò online europei e italiani.

Perhaps the most illustrious example is the so-called1-3-2-6, considered advisable to minimize the risks eottimizzare le vincite. The 1-3-2-6 applies in the case of a winning streak: betting1 unità(€1, just to make our accounts easier), you win €1. Add €1 to the total €2 and bet €3. In the case of continuation of the streak, we already have €6, from which we subtract €4 and bet€2.

Finally, to complete the cycle, if there is another win, we would have €4 from the last session to which we add another €2 from the €4 already saved. Thus, you end up betting €6, with the concrete possibility of earning another €6 – or €8 net total.

E se perdi?

Proper execution of this Baccarat betting system requires you tofermarsi dopo la prima perditaand return to the beginning of the cycle, betting €1 again. This is always done, even in the case of 4 wins in a row, by completing the 1-3-2-6. With this system you risk losing 1 unit after the first bet, 2 units (total) after the second and a net positive balance of 2 units after the third bet, albeit a loser. While on the fourth bet you either return to parity, or even earn 12 net units.

So, in theory, if you lose, you lose little, if you win, you do it regularly and well. This approach meets the unwritten rule of professional casino players: risking moderately makes sense if it is part of the prospect of winning well and with good odds. And we know that in Baccarat the odds are close to 50%.

Before last

The other quite famous method of betting on Baccarat is called “Avant Dernier”. That involves the bets made by looking at the outcome of the last 2 hands. As can also be understood from the French name (“(d) forward the last”), it is aboutpuntare sull’esito della penultima mano. And this effectively causes bets on the same outcome to be repeated from the last two hands, in their exact sequence.

With the Avant Dernier online Baccarat players try to“beccare” le serie vincenti. Since baccarat rarely if ever offers us a constant change of winners (not even considering the Parity with the low percentage it has), this extremely simple system has an acceptable success rate in the“previsione” di periodi vincentiand thanks to that it has remained popular with seasoned Baccarat players.

But let us remember that all the systems that could bring you good results and consistent winnings remain only those – more or less popular theoretical systems. It cannot be relied upon if a certain approach doesn't work for you or if it keeps causing you to miss the right bets. Lady Luck is blind, let's not forget that.

Il nostro consiglio per chi vuole vincere di più:

  • Try out some of the best betting systems at Baccarat as wellattenersi a quello che funziona per voi. Don't insist on the long run if a system doesn't bear fruit: it may never work for your way of playing.

General playing strategies

Apart from the various casino bonuses that can be applied to the online Baccarat table or not, the advantages that you will always have by playing online include the obviouspossibilità di consultarethe rules of baccarat, the odds of winning and being sure at all times of making the right or less risky move.

Even when you play on the Live Baccarat tables , live streaming from theaters does not prevent you from holding your mobile phone or opening the tables on your PC to help you make decisions.

We like to keep up to date, not so much in the principles of the game that have remained unchanged for centuries, but in consulting the various free tutorials, reviews or blogs of the kind that we also offer. You can always learn from playmates!

After we put our souls at rest - a long time ago - on the non-existence ofstrategie che possano influenzare l’esito del gioco(understood as strategies for choosing when to stand and when to call as in Blackjack online , although often compared to Punto Banco), we too have decided to stick to betting training and simulators, to online programs that help perfect the habit of betting rather than understanding the rules and how the hands are played.

So,gli spunti per un approccio sostenibile e vincente:

  • Holdtutorial, calcolatori di probabilità e regole a portata di manofor easy reference
  • Try tominimizzare il margine della casathrough the most appropriate bets.

However, we do have some more advice on this last guiding principle. Read further to understand how that helps you win more often at Baccarat.

What to avoid

Among the best tips for winning at Baccarat on a regular basis is certainly being cautious in avoiding scams and urban legends.

Let's start with the famous “symmetries”. Many players also follow them: after a PPP followed by BBB and P they would again bet twice on the Player, just to "close" a perfect symmetry. This, dear ones, is pure hot air. It's not that they can't happen, but it's simply not a sane, justified Baccarat betting system, there's no one up there that has to necessarily close symmetries. At least we in many years of experience at online casinos have never heard of one get rich through such a system in the long run.

The same also applies to flagsagglomerazioni, intermittenze, frequenze o compensi. We won't even go into detail to try to explain the reasons behind these smoky theories, as they won't help you win real money playing online Baccarat.

Experience the real winning approaches to Baccarat!

So, having clarified what doesn't work and what could work, let's make a list of the games – or rather, bets – that really help you earn more and win real money in online casinos.

  • Non limitarsi a puntare su un giocatore(whether it's yourself or from behind another). Not always well organized in land-based casinos, Baccarat's virtual table "tableaux" (known as "ali" in English) regularly have multiple players present. As each "punter" challenges the dealer in turn, many of them will have better cards, more luck, or other factors that will allow you to win more often by not limiting yourself to your hands.
  • Sfruttare le differenze con il Blackjack!As already noted, baccarat is often compared to this other very famous game of the online casino adm. But in Punto Banco we have many more types of bets - both "side bets" and linked directly to the dealer or the player - and possible outcomes such as a draw!

Therefore, an ultimate guide on how to win at Baccarat should not be about how to play but how much more chance we as players have to actually win. Let's see in detail which ones!

Side bets: the real added value to your cause!

ThePuntate Collaterali– also known as“Side Bets”– statistically increase our chances of hitting the right outcome but also of adding further dimensions to simple luck and of winning extra sums of money.

Among the side bets offered at the new Italian online casinos we often have:

Coppia del giocatore – Coppia del banco

The punter who guesses correctly wins when the first two cards drawn for either Punto's or Banker's respective hands form any pair, such as a pair of 6s on either side. Whether they are spades or diamonds does not change your winnings.

L’una o l’altra coppia

The winner of this side bet should hit when the first two cards of either the Punto or the Banco (or both, anyway!) manage to pair. Nor should the pairs be equalized, nor should they both be present.

Coppia perfetta

Here you win if the first two cards of the Tip or the dealer form a pair of the same suit. It could be a 4 of clubs, for example.


With this Side Bet at online Baccarat you win when the total number of cards dealt is 5 or 6. Obviously the Banker's and the Player's cards count and you should bet on a specific player in the wings.


Here the Side Bet of whoever guessed that the total number of cards played would not exceed 4 wins.

However, you have to firstconsultare la tabella delle vinciteoffered by the casino of your choice. The new and ambitious ones sometimes offer many more and with slightly higher payouts than the usual online Baccarat Side Bets.

Un paio di consigli per chi vuole vincere di più:

  • Osservare bene l’andamento delle mani altrui. Side Bets are a powerful tool for increasing your winnings. If you notice a trend (high number of cards regularly dealt, for example), try betting on that in addition to your or someone else's regular hand.
  • Place side bets whenil casinò di tua fiducia ti offre vincite valide, which are worth it. And anyway, betterpuntare più spesso con somme più piccolebecause the chances of winning are numerous but also the possible outcomes.

Statistical odds in online Baccarat

We also know this well: mathematics and statistics are not a matter of opinions and opinions. If we look closely at the probabilities of an outcome in Baccarat, to the detriment of others, this interests us to understand the scenarios of practical utility:

  • Which is the safest bet in Baccarat
  • How the odds change with the draw of the cards or the number of decks
  • One can get an advantage from counting cards

Let's start from the beginning: Since Punto Banco is a non-symmetrical game, the mathematical percentages of victory (or exit) vary - albeit slightly - depending above all on the number of decks with which you play. Now, with friends there can also be a nice and fun session with one or two decks. But in reality, in the best new casinos on the net, the game is played with 6 or 8 decks.

Mazzi / Vincitore Banco Parità Giocatore
1bunch 45.9624% 9.3615 % 44.6760%
2bouquets 45.9073% 9.4419 % 44.6508%
6bouquets 45.8653% 9.5069 % 44.6276%
8bouquets 45.8597% 9.5156 % 44.6247%


Therefore, we clearly see that with more decks used, the chances of winning by betting on the player decrease slightly, but those of the banker decrease even more. In any case, Banco remains the safest bet in Baccarat, while Pari never comes close to even 10% and is therefore not recommended.

What to choose to win more often?

As with all other legal and transparent online casino games, it would be about reducing the house edge. This also and especially applies to games with high winning odds such as online Blackjack or online Baccarat. By shaping that little casino "edge" you can potentially get higher payouts for the punters.

We did a research on the statistical probabilities of the house advantage in relation to the combinations of decks and dogs. We remind once again that apart special promotions and bonuses , the cagnotte is typically 5% and Parity pays 8:1. We have already seen and therefore proposed as a scenario some special cases with the cagnotte of 4% or l'Égalité which pays 9:1. Let's see why the latter are far better.

Mazzi / Vincitore Banco Giocatore Parità
Cagnotte/Egalité 5 % 4 % 9 : 1 8 : 1
1bunch 1.0117% 0.5521% 1.2864 % 6.3846% 15.7461 %
2bouquets 1.0389% 0.5798% 1.2565 % 5.5809% 15.0228 %
6bouquets 1.0558% 0.5972% 1.2374 % 4.9313% 14.4382 %
8bouquets 1.0579% 0.5993% 1.2351 % 4.8440% 14.3596 %


So let's see the House edge decrease with fewer decks as regards the Banker bet. While it goes up in relation to the bets on the Player and the Tie. We see that even with a 9:1 the bet on l'Égalité remains to be advised against, at least not often.

Betting on the banker is always the safest bet but not to be repeated too many times. However, looking at the numbers above,il consiglio di Casino1.it per vincere di piùwould lie in the search for the perfect scenario offered by best new virtual casinos :

  • Trust a safe and honest casino that offers4% di cagnotte e 9:1 sulla parità.

Card Counting in Baccarat

Given the popular demand, the topic of card counting in Baccarat deserves a separate discussion in any case.

The game of Punto Banco is always short, dynamic and exciting. Especially short, so a potential count would be based on the removal of the first cards. Also because the hand can already end after the second card. Therefore, the removal of a single card involves differences in the probabilities of subsequent outcomes. And card counting in Baccarat should follow that probability precisely.

Weight of the first card

We propose a table that clearly indicates how the percentages of winning outcomes at Baccarat vary after havingrimosso una prima carta dal sabot di 8 mazzi(the one most often used).

Prima Carta Punta Banco Parità
0 44.6209 % 45.8578 % 9.5213 %
1 44.6217 % 45.8613 % 9.5170 %
2 44.6233 % 45.8638 % 9.5129 %
3 44.6225 % 45.8643% 9.5132 %
4 44.6203 % 45.8673 % 9.5123 %
5 44.6303 % 45.8571 % 9.5127 %
6 44.6367 % 45.8605 % 9.5027 %
7 44.6348 % 45.8617 % 9.5035 %
8 44.6237 % 45.8534 % 9.5229 %
9 44.6235 % 45.8561 % 9.5203 %


Noting once again that the most likely winning bet in Baccarat would be the Banco – and especially, albeit slightly, after the extraction of a 4 on the first card.

  • Moreover,più è alta la singola carta (come Prima carta soltanto), più favorita è la Punta. Unlike,dopo l’estrazione di carte di valore basso, più favorito sarebbe il Banco.

This principle is also highlighted by the following table ofpercentuali di vantaggio dopo ogni carta tirata:

Valore carta da Prima carta da Seconda carta da Terza carta
0 5,6 Banco 5,4 Punta 5,6 Banco
1 5,3 Banco 5,3 Punta 5,3 Banco
2 4,8 Banco 4,3 Punta 4,8 Banco
3 4,3 Banco 4,0 Punta 4,3 Banco
4 3,2 Banco 3,1 Punta 3,2 Banco
5 1,1 Banco 0,9 Punta 1,1 Banco
6 0,9 Punta 0,8 Banco 0,9 Punta
7 7,4 Punta 7,2 Banco 7,4 Punta
8 17,4 Punta 16,3 Banco 17,4 Punta
9 21,5 Punta 20,6 Banco 21,5 Punta


So let's see howle percentuali di vantaggio degli esiti vengono invertite– both after the Second and after the Third card.

While as regards theParitàin Punto Banco, if we know the card drawn we could slightly limit the house edge – especially if that card is 6 or 7, as we see from the first table above. Always and in any case, Égalité remains a rare bet to make, given that we could practically never cancel that advantage.

Actual edge to win at Baccarat

To have a tangible advantage in our bets at Punto Banco, one should practice the“gioco da dietro”, known in English as “Bet Behind“. We have seen this even earlier in our guide, intended to increase the chances of betting on favorable cards. Now that we also know some principles that lead to slightly more favorable outcomes than others, we could place our bets only when conditions recommend it.

So much so that to wait for the favorable conditions one would risk playing too little. The advantages do not change drastically but only guide us towards wise bets and those unlikely to be avoided. As we have seen, a player trained with computer, cell phone and betting tables with the various systems could place the right shots with a good variation of the bets. At least that would reduce that casino edge to about 1%. Which is not to be overlooked for those who like to play long sessions.

But this brings us back to the previous discussion:

  • Il Baccarat è un gioco non contabile.

The evidence we've given of systems, progressions, math counts, and house and player edge percentages prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Counting would help little, especially with 6 or 8 decks, it would confuse the player and lead to irrelevant advantages. We also compared with statistical generators and we had further confirmation thatal Baccarat non vale la pena contare.

Variations and odds of winning

Of course, even for a beautiful and sophisticated game like Baccarat there are more or less widespread interpretations and variations. Let's see which of these are offered in web casinos as a possibility both to play for free to train and to bet and win real money.

IlPunto Bancoit is classic Baccarat. Also called American.

L’Europeooffers fewer restrictions – agiocatore potrebbe decidereto stay or even callcon il 5. Alsoil banco decidewhether or not to call the third card. This variant comes a little closer to Blackjack in terms of game principles.

Chemin de Fer– here we have a famous version of baccarat where the Casino does not take on the role of the Banker but that is covered in turns by the players at the table. You basically play against other players.

Baccarat Esclusivo, Privato, ecc.– Some casinos and private rooms offer variants in which the punter must win two consecutive hands against the Banker to ensure victory.

Which ones are theyi nostri consigli per avere più possibilità di vincita e più controllo sulle decisionito take?

  • Gioca la versione Europea, if available. So you can decide your own fate
  • In general,scegli tavoli con meno mazzi e meno restrizioni. So you limit the house edge.

Tips to win more at Baccarat

Go through all the theories to beat Baccarat on the net, you have torecapitularesome of the suggestions made so far.

Non scommettere sul Pari

A very obvious indication that we have tried several times through concrete numbers and probabilities. Parity is the worst choice, there aams casino has the highest edge among possible bets. Who chooses this bet is only because he would have a theoretical return of 8 or 9 to 1. But everyone decides for himself.

Punta sul Banco

Simply, if you don't know what to do, bet on Banco. You have to decide the amount and little else but the probability that the dealer wins is always the highest.

Gioca da dietro!

With Bet Behind you will have more players with more chances to hit the right bet. But you will also be able to choose a player in a lucky streak or make side bets on particular and exciting aspects.

Stai attento con i sistemi di scommessa

We have already seen and talked abundantly about the fact that foolproof betting systems do not exist. They remain one of the few choices you may have at Baccarat online in new casinos, but maybe not.

There are basically two types of systems: progressive and positive (increase with each win and decrease with each loss) and negative progressive (the reverse). None of these could give you incredible and sure odds of winning, quite the contrary. Especially avoid progressive bets like the Martingale (doubling the bet after each loss). We always find it very risky and with few gains beyond the statistical average.

Alterna modelli di puntata

If, on the other hand, you decide to rely on some betting system, also consider those types that are indicated for Baccarat by many other players and which we have seen above. We do not recommend them explicitly but they are still theoretically valid betting models.

Then try to vary. Use the wings, take advantage of the Side Bets (the side bets), try the schematic models. If you prefer, do it first in demo mode of free online baccarat. But don't get stuck on the same approach if it doesn't bring you real winnings and if it's not for you. However, many of these systems don't drastically increase your chances of winning in the game but they make it even more exciting and beautiful!

Usa la testa

As a last tip: use the good practices exposed so far, limit the house edge if you can, take advantage of the infinite possibilities of alternative bets and try to make it work out in your favor. Trust your instincts too but use your head and make the most convenient bets for you.

Experience the great charm of Baccarat even for free!

Open an account at the best new ADM-licensed Italian casinos and discover why online Baccarat is a highly appreciated pastime and an exciting way to win real money directly from your home!

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