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Dice Game - An Inexhaustible Source of Fun and Real Earnings!

Craps is one of the most exciting games on any casino floor. This board game involves up to twenty players using two dice and a few chips. But thanks to technology, players can now experience the thrill of playing craps anywhere, anytime using online craps.

Craps, or the game of dice, has been incredibly popular in casinos for many years, along with poker, roulette and blackjack. Simple rules and a huge number of betting options have made this entertainment a favorite of gamblers all over the world.

Of the many simple and fun games, Dice casinos have definitely established themselves as one of the most effective and beloved alternatives to a good time, as well as a dynamic and fast way to win a lot of real money in a short time.

The game of dice is an exercise in expectations, in predictions. Thus, we know that it can be compared to classic roulette in terms of the ease of obtaining numerical results and the relative difficulty of placing and reading numerous bets. And that's the beauty of it: if you get your bets right, you'll run into a relatively low house edge, especially online.

Craps is a famous gambling game with six-sided dice. The goal of the players is to guess the number of points that will fall on the dice after another roll or series of rolls. Quite a few participants can play craps at the same time.

A focused dice strategy will make this experience not only enjoyable, but also profitable. What if you maintain realistic results, which are the basis, but only that, and the right betting systems, the wise player can also get home an above-average income.

Posizionare le puntate corrette è la strategia più efficace per vincere di più. Leggi la nostra guida per scoprirlo.
Bet smart – it will make you more money in the long run

The undoubted positive aspect of modern online solutions concerns both a more enjoyable game and the possibility of obtaining higher winnings compared to offline casinos. By eliminating management costs, physical errors, and even prejudice against players who present themselves, new secure online casinos offer higher returns and virtually unlimited betting opportunities today.

Explore the beautiful reality of Dice with Casino1 and we will show you all the Craps tricks that will lead you to success and earn real money.

Winning at Craps

Once you understand the simple math behind online craps (it's the same as playing with friends), you can start making informed decisions about online craps betting right away. Begins immediately and easily, deepens calmly and rationally.

The task of experienced players is to try to limit this margin, so that later they can take advantage of a couple of successful throws at the right moments.

Always prefer the safest deal on the table. If you have a big wad of bills and are willing to lose a lot of money for the nervous trembling of waiting for a big win, you can make risky and big bets to satisfy your thirst for thrills. If not, then it's wiser to make only the safest bets - those for which the casino's winnings are the smallest. By doing this, you minimize your risks - although the casino has a mathematical advantage, it will be as low as possible.

To minimize the casino's winnings, make a "don't pass line" bet. This bet is almost the exact opposite of the "pass line" bet - the value is 2 or 3 wins, 7 or 11 losses (12 throws). If a point is set, you win when the 7 falls before the point and lose if the point falls first. The "don't pass line" bet can be considered one of the safest on the table, as the casino's win for it is only 1.36%.

However, remember that most players bet "pass line" so if you bet "don't pass line" you win when they lose and vice versa. This can create a dynamic at the table as if you are playing against other players, which some people like and others don't. Like the "pass line" bet, the "don't pass line" bet is one-to-one.

A solid dice strategy helps iron out mistakes, make the right choices at the right time, and compare the odds in your favor with the lowest odds of winning, but possibly higher returns to offset the right risk. And that's the crux of the matter: the balance between the right risk and the right bet should lead to monetary success as well. Read our free online dice guide to learn more.

The House Edge

A suitable tactic in playing at an online real money dice table would be one that brings the real odds closer to the winnings paid out by the online casino. But this is exactly what the operators rely on. They offer less statistical probability and gain margin in the medium to long term. The task of experienced players is to try to limit this reserve, so that later they can take advantage of a couple of successful throws at the right moments.

Il tavolo dei dadi - leggi la nostra guida e impara a guadagnare di più quando giochi.
Make sure you have the margins on your side.

Simply by analyzing the winnings noted on the craps table, we could highlight this small house edge for each game by comparing the numbers with statistical probability.

Luckily, online craps has a variety of carryover bets available, and most of them aren't even as simple as direct betting on a specific outcome. Thus, the advantage of the casino may be sufficient and we must contain it with the right bets.

Types of Bets on Dice

In this practical guide, we certainly do not want to explain all the types of bets that exist in the online dice game. Firstly, because only among the main ones there are more than 30 species. And this is because I would like to explain in detail the basic rules of the game, since apart from the throw and bets, there will be little in terms of game dynamics.

Increase your winnings by using additional bets. Additional bets are something unique, as they are completely fair - there is absolutely no winning in the casino. However, they can only be placed on top of other bets, so if you place an additional bet, the casino still wins (albeit a reduced one) in the amount of the base bet. Additional bets usually increase your base bet by 2X, 3X, 5X, etc. By placing it each time with the "pass line" and "don't pass line" bets, you increase your possible winnings and reduce the casino's winnings if you lose.

By placing an additional bet after the "pass line" bet, you bet that the point will fall before 7. The winnings will be 2 to 1 on points 4 and 10, 3 to 2 on points 5 and 9 and 6 to 5 on point 8.

The additional bet after the "don't pass line" bet is the opposite of the regular bet - you bet that the 7 will roll before the point. If 4 or 10 is rolled, the winnings are 1 to 2, from 2 to 3 if 5 or 9 are rolled, and 5 to 6 if 6 or 8 are rolled.

Make "come" and "don't come" bets. Bets "come" and "don't come" are practically the same as "pass line" and "don't pass line", the only difference is that they can be made at any point except for the first throw. In other words, the roll after the "come" bet counts as the first roll for that bet. The winning conditions for "come" and "don't come" bets are similar to the winning conditions for "pass line" and "don't pass line" bets. Additional bets are considered the same.

Avoid risky bets with big winnings in the casino. In some bets, a large casino win is guaranteed, so experienced players avoid them at all costs. Make such bets only for fun - nervous tremors from the risk of losing your money in an adventure. In particular, fixed bets and special bets often have unfavorable casino winnings, so don't do them if you want to make money.

Set bets are "pass line" bets that "skip" the first roll. In other words, you won't win on the 7th or 11th on the first roll, etc. Since most pass bets are made on the first roll, set bets can bring the casino a 33.3% win. Nevertheless, there is one mitigating circumstance - additional bets can be placed on the set, reducing the total winnings of the casino.

Special bets are bets placed on the next roll of the dice. You bet on a certain number, and if the next roll comes up with that number, you win. Special bets are very risky but provide you with high winnings. However, the casino's winnings are high (5% - 17%, depending on the number you choose), so these bets are not effective for making money.

In the table below we present the names of bet types in English. This table is already very helpful for us to understand which stakes limit the house edge and at the same time pay out our winnings well.

Wager Win House Edge

1 to 1



1 to 1


Taking Odds on Pass/Come 6 or 8

6 to 5


Taking Odds on Pass/Come 5 or 9

3 to 2


Taking Odds on Pass/Come 4 or 10

2 to 1


Don’t Pass

1 to 1


Don’t Come

1 to 1


Laying Odds on Don't Pass/Don't Come 6 and 8

5 to 6


Laying Odds on Don't Pass/Don't Come 5 and 9

2 to 3


Laying Odds on Don't Pass/Don't Come 4 and 10

1 to 2


Place 4 or 10

9 to 5


Place 5 or 9

7 to 5


Place 6 or 8

7 to 6


Big 6 and 8

1 to 1


Field 3,4,9,10 or 11

1 to 1


Field 2, 12

2 to 1


Lay 6 and 8

19 to 25


Lay 5 and 9

19 to 31


Lay 4 and 10

19 to 41


Buy 6 and 8

23 to 21


Buy 5 and 9

29 to 21


Buy 4 and 10

39 to 21


Hardways 6 and 8

10 to 1


Hardways 4 and 10

8 to 1


Proposition Bets

Any Craps (2,3 or 12)

8 to 1


Any Seven

5 to 1


Any Eleven

16 to 1


Ace Deuce (3)

16 to 1


Aces (2)

30 to 1


Boxcars (12)

30 to 1


Horn 3 or 11

15 to 1


Horn 2 or 12

15 to 1



Best Bet in Craps

Let's start with the obvious bet. Fortunately, knowledgeable players are well aware that by placing an additional bet on top of your bet on the skip lines after the roll of the dice has determined the probabilities, you can significantly increase your winnings. As a result, these bets result in a 0% 0% margin for the casino and are the best dice games on the internet.

Overall, the Pass Line bet is still known as one of the best bets on Craps with a very low house edge of 1.41% for a virtual casino.

Odds are actually a side bet in practice, which is done in a game of dice after a point has been established. The player's odds of winning are perfectly correct - to be precise, the odds pay 2 to 1 on 4 and 10 points; offers 3 on 2 on 5 and 9; and he earns 6 to 5 on 6 and 8.

At least the odds aren't against you here. It's also true that they don't work in your favor entirely, so odds betting doesn't really increase your chances of winning. But at least you've reduced your House Edge to zero, which is the best thing you can do in online gambling to ensure a less adverse situation.

Well Paying Bets

This type of bet is still better than any other Pass Line bet. This is because the amount won depends on the point played, and instead Pass Line always pays out equal money. Simply put, with a lay bet on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, you are guaranteed to win as soon as a 7 is rolled (before your chosen number) and you already have the single most likely outcome (1/6) in your favor.

In terms of return per bet, this may seem small, but it is still a number that is more likely to come up than could be avoided. Therefore, more often than not, online casinos also charge a commission (about 4%) on actual winnings. The odds of Good Odds are 1:2 on a roll of 4 and 10, 2:3 on a roll of 5 and 9, and 5:6 on a roll of 6 and 8. Some online casinos or land-based casinos may also advertise winnings with a payout of 12:25 on 4 and 10, 16:25 on 5 and 9 and 12:15 on 6 and 8. But the difference is still minimal and these ranges are rare.

Craps Winning Strategies

Before we dive deeper, here's a critical answer. No craps strategy can guarantee winning results. This is because the casino always has a mathematical advantage over the players. To make matters worse, craps, unlike poker and blackjack, relies heavily on luck.

But that doesn't mean craps players are always shooting in the dark. Conversely, learning to play craps with a winning mindset and low expectations can pay off. So, without further ado, this guide will guide you on how to play craps like a seasoned pro and minimize your losing sessions.

If you want to win more often at craps, avoid betting on one roll. The main types of single roll bets include field bets, which must be 12, 11, 10, 9, 4, 3 or 2 to win. This bet usually has a house edge of 2.78% to 5.56%. Another common type of craps bet is any 7. As the name suggests, this bet predicts that the total number of points on the dice will be 7. Although the 7 comes up more often, the house edge is a whopping 16.67%. Overall, single roll bets can be extremely overwhelming. But the truth is that they are not made for green hands. Therefore, if you want to create an optimal craps strategy, avoid these bets altogether.

Play craps and don't bet. Smart players prefer to make the safest bets at the craps table. But, of course, you can skip this point if you have a large bankroll that you can spend in an online casino. With that in mind, the Pass Bet is the easiest and safest craps bet. It pays even money and has a mathematical advantage of 1.41%. In this type of bet, you win if the original roll is 11 or 7 and lose if it is 12, 3 or 2. If it is a different number, it becomes a "point" and the player continues to roll. But wait, don't place this bet after exiting because the value of the bet decreases.

On the other hand, a "Don't Pass" bet is the opposite of a "Pass" bet. In other words, you win if the roll is 3 or 2 and lose if it is 11 or 7. This bet is considered the safest in craps because it has the lowest house edge of 1.36%.

As stated at the beginning, no craps strategy can consistently produce positive results. Even safe Pass and Don't Pass bets have more than a 50% chance of losing the bet. But you can make your sessions more enjoyable and rewarding by choosing the right numbers and bets. And yes, lower your winning expectations and play for fun.

Online dice games owe their popularity to those who play for money even with a relatively low house edge. Instead, while it may seem like the game is going in your favor, there are always bets to avoid most players making the choice anyway. In English it's called "sucker bets", chicken bet

Betting randomly, looking only at the payouts displayed on the table, and without a sound strategy in craps can quickly deplete the player's account. Read on and learn a bit more about the tactics of the game, and you can even use the different stakes to your advantage.

What to Pay Attention to

When playing craps at new online casinos, the best strategy remains the one that combines the best odds for players with the lowest house edge. The first and obvious Pass Line bet offers the lowest house edge (excluding side effects) of 1.41%. Compared to the Any Seven bet, which has an edge of 16.67%, the Pass Line remains increasingly attractive.

Analyzing the table above with payouts and margins for each bet, we can conclude that Don't Pass reduces the house edge to 1.36%. A place with 6 or 8 is also not a bad idea, as the house edge is 1.52%. Already 5th or 9th place has a less attractive house edge set at 4%, while betting on 4th and 10th place raises it to 6.67%, which is much less favorable for players. Betting on the field further increases the house edge to 5.56%.

Craps Strategy Beyond Pure Numbers

An online craps strategy that we see often recommended - and it's also easy to see why it would cover three numbers on every run. The considered betting tactics combine Pass Line with some Come Lines:

– You place your Pass Line bet and roll the dice. It is possible to double your chances of winning with another "backup" Pass Line;

– Then bet on the Come Line and roll again;

– Place another Come Line bet (single or double odds) along with an additional Come Line bet and then roll again;

– If any of your Come Line bets win, make another Come Line, thus keeping three numbers on each roll/

Let's remember that there are no game models that do not have at least a small house edge in online craps. However, the best strategy remains to bet wisely according to the displayed payouts. If you don't care about winning real money or someone just wants to improve their knowledge of the game, they might enjoy playing Free Craps online, especially at newer online casinos.

Waiting for Bets

The beauty of online betting is that you can easily watch others play, wait and place your winning bet at the best moment. Consider the following scenario:

  • When a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is rolled on the dice, you can bet Pass or Come or Fail and Fail;
  • You can also wait until you have accumulated up to 5 points before placing a bet. If you stick to the most likely bets above, you are unlikely to go wrong;
  • Avoid betting on offers. With a fairly large house edge, it's obvious why.

So a focused and expectant strategy can often pay off in terms of higher craps wins.

Codes for Craps

Once upon a time, in land-based casinos, it was possible to use many cheat methods, branded tricks, and much more. The use of dice with heavy weights on certain sides, or dice that are not in the correct shape and appearance—modified or ground into small pieces that are difficult to detect—can be one way to influence the results and their frequency.

However, nowadays in legal casinos, especially online casinos with Italian AAMS and ADM license, it is almost impossible to cheat and offer even the slightest semblance of a dice trick. The random number generator has been tested tens of thousands of times and is monitored by both the third party iGaming software provider and the government and its competent authorities.

Online Craps Betting Systems

Surely you have already come across many websites, blogs, guides or books on how to hit the dice with more or less proven betting systems. Let's just say that this is all a lie. There is no single system, albeit a theoretical one, that could work in the long term and guarantee a stable win.

Craps is a fun and exciting game, but it remains wild and unpredictable. And so no one could have predicted it every time, let alone guided it with online craps betting systems.

Smart Betting Approach

As mentioned earlier, the best winning strategy for Kreps is a competent and responsible approach to betting. The best bets include the Pass and Don't Pass bets, as well as the Come and Don't Come mirror bets. If you don't feel ready for more challenging bets or it's not your day, you can stick with these betting options with some odds thrown in. The house edge starts from 1.40% and you will have a good chance to win with these most popular bets of any self-respecting player.

We have also introduced false rates. Thus, a good and winning dice strategy would be to avoid betting on the Big Six or Big Eight. In all likelihood, the bet will be lost, given that these bets start with a house edge of over 9% and a 1:1 payout. Often marked in red on the Craps table, these bets should definitely be avoided.

Useful Tips for the Winning Game

dadi dadi gettati sul tavolo
We close with detailed explanations and make a list of tips and tricks to win more and more often at craps on the web.

Learn the principles of dice well

The Craps game seems pretty easy to understand. And in a sense it is. But to play it well, you need to distinguish between some important rules and strategies. Before you sit down at the dice table in an online casino, please read this guide. This will certainly make it easier for you to fully understand which bets are the best for craps and which specific bets to avoid depending on the house edge.

Choose the best bets

Just start with Pass Line and try to bet on it. Betting on the most stable bets will allow you to enjoy the game longer with a margin of 1.41%. This in turn will allow you to get used to different winning strategies and try them out later. However, start with the best bets you can make in craps - if you don't win that much, at least you lose less.

Take the chance anyway

We have already seen how various odds work as side bets. This allows you to place free and side bets after a player has accumulated a few points. This type of bet remains the best you can try in craps, especially given the fact that it does not offer house edge.

The optimal Craps online strategy definitely includes placing these "free" bets. Some casinos even offer to double the traditional Odds bet. Always and in any case, try to understand the odds and use them correctly.

Try two Come Bets with a Pass Line

We have already seen why Come/Don't Come and Pass/Don't Pass bets are among the most reliable and should definitely be placed more frequently if you want to win big and often at online craps.

Another great dice betting strategy is for the player to make an additional bet (after the original Come bets) on the Pass line. Thus, you will have three numbers that work in your favor. Many dice experts have always stressed that this type of bet is almost perfect to try at any time. Place another bet when you win so you always have three active bets in your favor.

Avoid certain bets

Craps offers almost one of the lowest house edge in the world of gambling. However, you may stumble upon high margin bets. They should definitely be avoided. Forget the big six and big eight bets, as the house edge is already 9.1%. Always choose lower margin bets so that the operator can get some edge from you as well.

Avoid Proposition Bets

The worst strategy in gambling focuses on betting with an offer. Often solved with a single roll of the dice, they are interesting to some players and come with interesting odds and payouts. However, we highly recommend avoiding them, as the house edge is usually quite large.

Also avoid Hard 4 and 10

Hard 4 and Hard 10 are always marked as worthless bets as they have a house edge of around 11%. With 7 to 1 payouts, they may look tempting, but the odds of hitting two deuces or 5 on a pair are relatively low.

Choose a reliable and safe online casino

This is the main advice on which the entire gameplay largely depends. When you play online and there are no people in front of you, you always want to choose a top-notch arcade game. This consideration affects a lot and must be done well for you to be successful in games. Choosing a reliable online casino with an Italian license and controlled processes and programs at every level allows you to sit at the best online dice tables and subsequently be able to collect your winnings quickly and without problems!

Practice your own strategies

Once you are well versed with all types of online dice betting, maybe try some free dice simulator software. Practice strategies, try to combine bets to get an extra edge.

Start sharpening your betting skills before playing for real money. Many casinos offer their customers trial modes, play money games and much more. After you try them, you will surely be able to successfully play online.

Use available bonuses

To restore your chances of challenging the casino on fairer terms, you often need to have some sort of promotion or some sort of important Bonus. And it is still true that it would be better to start with a solid bankroll and be able to use it to improve, grow and get lucky even if you are not playing for money.

Also, if you don't feel like looking for programs to learn how to win at craps, you can easily take advantage of the bonuses offered by some of the new online casinos to enjoy playing with money you haven't paid.

When someone wants to entrust his passion for dice to a certain operator on the Internet, he wants to find a fair, safe and transparent casino; which offers the right bonuses and quality payment methods. Check out the ones we offer, we speak from experience.

Read operator reviews if you want to know more and enjoy online dice in just a few steps!

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