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Best Italian Online Casinos with Live Blackjack

blackjack dal vivo con un venditore sorridente

In our opinion, the only version of blackjack that may be of interest to an experienced professional player is real-time blackjack with live dealers. Other variations of this game are less fun and interesting.

Blackjack was created as a game in which real cards are shuffled and dealt by a real croupier on a real table. So why don't you play with someone you can chat with in real time?

There is no competition here, this is child's play. Online blackjack with a live dealer is almost the same as playing in a real land-based casino!

Before jumping into the game itself, it's worth considering some of the subtle differences between the various live dealer options that you really need to know. The ones that can make a big difference to where you decide to play.

But we will bring you the best news right away: you can also play Live Twenty One on your mobile device at some of the Italian Live Casinos that we will inform you about here!

Main Information

Standard blackjack has many game variations. But for Live Blackjack, there are only 2 types::

  • 7-Seat Blackjack. A characteristic feature of this type of blackjack is a game table for 7 seats. Sometimes even you yourself could take several places at one table (“multi-seat”). But during peak hours, it can be difficult to find a free seat at tables with low and medium minimum stakes. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an Italian ADM casino with dedicated tables
  • Unlimited Blackjack. Another very popular version of the live online game. Here, one or more hands work on the distribution. An almost unlimited number of users can participate in the gameplay. If perhaps you are impatient and can't find a 7-seat Live table but want to place your bet right away, these are classic and widespread solutions in Italian online casinos.

In addition, there are some other important aspects to consider:

  • The number of decks in the game. There can be from 6 to 8 used decks on the game table;
  • At some online gaming tables, European or Vegas rules apply. The difference lies in the initial actions of the dealer, who takes one or two cards;
  • During the hand, there may be different chances to act or not to affect your chances of raising at key moments.
  • The rules may allow players to place side bets in Live Blackjack. Such actions are called additional bets.

How Different Versions of Live Blackjack Affect Gameplay

Considering the RTP indicator, we can conclude that there are no particular differences between these two types. At least, this is the information that online casino operators indicate on their platforms. The standard payout in Live Blackjack is listed at 99.5%, even though Evolution Gaming publishes 99.28%.

But for real blackjack fans, even a few percent difference is of the utmost importance!!

At first glance, trivial aspects, such as the ability to double down without limit, can be decisive and determine the amount you can win or lose in blackjack. The ability to improve your bet by deciding the outcome of the hand, whether you want to split or double down, is a key component of the game. And the player would hardly like to be limited in this matter.

Best AAMS Casinos in Italy for Live Blackjack

Tastes and preferences are different for everyone. But the Casino1 team has put a lot of time and effort into analyzing all kinds of information and studying the best operators in the Italian market. Having done such painstaking work, we were able to determine the best casino for you to play Live Blackjack. And that operator is LeoVegas Live .

Our team has compiled a list of the best Italian casinos for playing Live Blackjack with live dealers in HD. And we divided them by software vendors and listed the basic rules of the game. Now you can finally compare AAMS licensed online casinos and choose the one that suits all your requirements and preferences.

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Live Blackjack is a source of unique emotions and impressions

As stated earlier, not all versions of Live Blackjack have the same gameplay. Of course, all variations have a similar playing principle and common elements: blackjack, which pays 3:2 immediately, and insurance, which pays 2:1 to an astute player.

This is where the main similarities end. This is due to the fact that each software provider is trying to develop their own more advanced, exciting and compelling version of the game. However, it should also be said that the vast majority of new Italian online casinos on the Internet offer live blackjack from the largest gaming software developer Evolution Gaming. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this company was the first provider approved by the Italian AAMS Commission, and therefore the first live casino on the market.

N.B.: We are constantly working to update this page. So, as soon as noteworthy suppliers appear, we will add their description to this article for a qualitative comparison.

How Live Blackjack is played

blackjack dal vivo dealer di italiano che sorride e distribuisce carte

As previously mentioned, there are two main versions of live blackjack. Let's take a closer look at the features of the gameplay of these two options.

7-Seat Blackjack

This Live Blackjack with a 7 person table is the most common type of this game. You play with other real people while maintaining your privacy). But, in essence, this is the same game that you will find in traditional international land-based casinos.

You place your initial bet and the dealer deals two cards in real time and in high definition in front of your eyes. Depending on the rules, the croupier takes one or two cards. He then takes each player in turn and the two of them play their hand until the player gets up or stops. The dealer himself plays his hand last, so when he completes his hand, the players who won it get paid.

Unlimited Blackjack

Another very popular version of the live online game. Here, one or more hands work on the distribution. An almost unlimited number of users can participate in the gameplay. Here, users will be able to find various prestigious offers that can be used to play with an unlimited number of users on the Internet.
Seven spots fill four instantly, so legal Italian live casino operators have more or less four alternately available to accept players to participate:

  • Set up more gaming tables. This tip is one of the most useful and practical. At the tables you need real space and qualified dealers. Vendors like Evolution have hundreds of desks housed in a variety of modern and technologically advanced studios. This allows us to meet the rapidly growing demand of players. Sharing of capacity and costs between the main casinos, however tables are often full during busy evenings;
  • AAMS licensed online casinos pay and receive money for their players. The environment in this case is for a specific Live Casino. Then only its players and members can use the live tables. Much more efficient from the point of view of the players themselves, since one of these online tables usually turns out to “sit down”;
  • The "Bet Behind" functionality allows players without a table seat to place their bet also in one of these table positions. The distribution is played by a seated player, and you place a bet without taking a direct part in the game process. It's an exciting but risky choice. Therefore, if you are tempted to bet live, be sure to choose a player who has luck on his side and who uses more or less typical, predictable and understandable gaming strategies for you. Some providers add a number next to a player to show consecutive winning hands. This helps other users decide who to bet against.

What is No Limit Blackjack and Regular Draw Blackjack

These are live, often unified blackjack variants in which only one hand is dealt at a time. This allows the casino to offer real-time blackjack to an almost unlimited number of Italian and foreign online players. Everyone plays live and in high definition, as if they were in a real land-based casino. At the same time, users manage to maintain absolute confidentiality. When all players have completed their hand, the dealer will complete his live hand and pay those players who beat him.

There are a few significant differences between this variant and the more classic 7-seater Black Jack Live:

  • When it comes to splitting, you will be presented with two options:
    • By splitting your hand, you double your bet and play two hands at the same time;
    • If you don't feel like splitting, you'll have to fold and you'll get back part of your original bet.
  • The dealer does not check if there is actually a Blackjack;
  • There can be one or more players per seat - an unlimited number of players can take a seat at the gaming table.

N.B.: It is important to consider that AAMS licensed Italian casinos that partner with developers such as Playtech, NetEnt and Visionary iGaming have their own version of Unlimited Blackjack. However, as of today, LeoVegas Live Casino is the ONLY one that supports this game on their NetEnt HD Live Casino online platform.

Options and functions of gaming tables

Live Multi-Seat Blackjack

This type of Blackjack can be played in real time on several seats and hands at the same time, right at the same 7-seat gaming table! There will often be limits on the consecutive or total number of hands you can play. Due to high demand, online casinos that offer live blackjack may sometimes disable this feature during peak hours.

Multi-Table Blackjack

New Italian online casinos give you the opportunity to play multiple tables live and at the same time! Some AAMS gaming software has an interface that allows you to play multiple tables live on your screen.

Playing multiple tables at the same time can actually be an acquired taste. Therefore, it is better to try out this game in advance in a free trial mode, and only then move on to playing for real money. Multi-Table Blackjack is quite complex and intense, so it's best to only play one table at a time online.

Special Betting in Live Blackjack

Side and special bets can be placed alongside regular bets and are offered by most if not all online gaming software providers. The only reason you can't find them in some Italian casinos is because of the licenses. Such licenses are expensive, so not every operator can get them.

The most popular special bet is the Bet Behind. The user can bet on the cards of another player from behind. He plays the hand you bet on in real time that he will beat the dealer. Quite a popular move and pastime when you are waiting for a seat at a certain table or if you see a player in time and also want to benefit.

There is also a "Perfect Pairs" bet. The user can bet that his or the dealer's hand will be a pair. You must bet live on your first 2 cards while the dealer's up card is used as a poker hand - be it a flush, a set, a straight, etc.

RTP in Live Blackjack

RTP is an abbreviation that stands for Return to Player and is a theoretical indicator that shows the expected payback percentage of slots. It is calculated by simulating hundreds of millions or billions of game rounds, so its value carries weight over long distances


Professional players try to select games for themselves with the highest return percentage possible. However, pay attention to another, no less important parameter - dispersion. It shows what is the probability of getting big winnings. This is the so-called payoff spread. If it is low, then the machine will give more wins, but the amount of prize money will be miserable. And if it is high, the winnings are less frequent with their larger size.

The RTP for Live Blackjack is 99.5%. Among live or virtual online casino games, this one has undoubtedly the best RTP among all other online gambling games.

It is important to consider that these statistics have been compiled from over 100,000 hands played in the same type of blackjack online. You should never think that using this logic, if you have €100 after 10 hands of €10, you will be left with €99.50. It doesn't quite work that way.

Dealer work in Live Blackjack

One of the great things about playing blackjack with a live dealer - and what separates the usual online gaming experience from the feeling of top-notch fun - is your own dealer.

You can play at AAMS or ADM licensed Italian online casinos that offer:

  • Italian Live Dealers are those who actually speak Italian. LeoVegas offers a special blackjack table with strictly Italian croupiers. But there is also a special environment called "Chambre Séparée" where only Italian players can play and chat online;
  • European Live Dealers - those who speak English or their native language and work in the studios of Evolution, Extreme Live Gaming, NetEnt, Media Live, Lucky Streak, Playtech and Ezugi Casinos;
  • Latin Live Dealers - those who speak English as well as Italian can be found at Ezugi Casino, Global Gaming Labs, Vivo Gaming, Xpro Gaming and Visionary iGaming;
  • Asian Live Dealers - speak English or Chinese and are mostly found in new live casinos by Playtech.

The role of the dealer in providing us with an enjoyable real-time gaming experience can never be underestimated. For beginners, this makes it easier to approach the game. This is because they can ask the dealer for some advice on the rules and how to play.

If, on the other hand, you are a VIP live blackjack player and play big often, you will probably need a professional live dealer who is experienced and will not interrupt your game with idle chatter. If you are playing Blackjack Live HD at a VIP table and you are not satisfied with your dealer, you can ask for a replacement in Live Chat.

Summing Up

Live Dealer Blackjack is a very popular and sought after table game. We've learned the hard way through trial and error and working at international online casinos that there are many components that make for a great game:

  • Software and interface;
  • Rules of the game;
  • Professionalism of the croupier;
  • The casino itself offers live HD games.

If you are just starting out or have little experience, we recommend playing 7-Seat Blackjack and finding an Italian online casino that provides Evolution Gaming software installed. When you feel more comfortable, you can also try other versions of the safe live game on the Internet and move on to live and high-definition multi-table blackjack!

Evolution Gaming's Best Live Casinos!

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