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Buraco - Source of Fun and Earnings for All Italians!

Buraco is a traditional card game that originates from Uruguay and Argentina. It was invented in the 40s of the twentieth century. Until today, it is one of the most popular in South America, and especially in Brazil. This card type of rummy type game is from the canasta family. It is worth noting that in Portuguese "buraco" means and associated with the feeling of a person after a defeat.

Classic Buraco can be played by 2 or 4 players. With two players, the game is played in 1v1 mode, with four players in 2v2 mode. In the second mode, the allies' points are summed up. The game is played with 2 decks of cards with a pair of jokers in each. The total number of cards is 108.

Buraco has spread throughout the world for many reasons. Many of us know the rules by heart and have experienced the pleasure of playing Burraco with friends or in a land-based casino. However, when it comes to explaining some strategies, few people know anything about it, let alone use it to win online games.

Strategies based on knowing the secrets of Buraco become milestones for any sustainable and successful approach in the long term.

It is said that it is difficult to find reliable Buraco strategies and systems on the web, also because the game changes quickly. On the contrary, it is for this reason that fans of this beautiful game should use tactics, card counting and a good knowledge of the principles of the game in order to succeed and win more often. Especially when you cannot count on a partner playing online, you must first of all rely on legitimate strategies and tricks, which you will also find in our guide.

Origins and Rules of Buraco

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Since its South American origin, the game has spread rapidly. Considered part of the Canasta family, it has gained popularity in the south and above in the last 30 years. Fortunately, the version so dear to the Italians has become the mainstream thanks to local, international, and now online tournaments. The Italian Buraco Federation (FIBUR) recognizes and defines standardized rules that are familiar to experienced players.

The main goal of the game is to reach the highest score and discard all cards. It is not enough to discard the first 11 cards to complete the game, as in classic Rummy. After discarding, the player receives the next 11 cards from the pile. Now, already dropping them all comes the end of the game. The winner is the player with the most points, not necessarily the one who folded first. The main actions during the game are discarding and combining.

For each card laid out, the player receives points. Additional points can be achieved by selecting special card combinations (canastas). Negative points also exist in the game.

There are canastas in the game - combinations consisting of at least 7 cards of the same suit in sequential order. They give the player extra points. Choosing canastas in the right way has a significant impact on the final score.

There are special cards in the game, they are called wild, they can replace any other card - Jokers and Twos. Combinations (sequences) or canasta with wild cards are called dirty or mixed. The player receives fewer points for dirty canastas than for clean canastas.

At the beginning, players will receive 11 cards. There are also two dead piles formed, also 11 cards each. Each stack is assigned to one player (1v1 mode) or one team (2v2 mode). The remaining cards are left behind in a closed deck.

At the beginning, the starting player draws one card from the deck. Having decided which combinations he can create and lay out possible sequences, he discards one card creating. In the case where we don't have any sequence yet to lay out, then we simply discard the card that seems to us the least useful. When the card is discarded, the turn ends.

In 1v1 mode, each player has their own combinations and only adds cards to them. In 2v2 mode, allies play together - they can create sequences (combinations) together.

In the subsequent game, players draw cards from open or closed decks. After they draw, the players lay out the chains and add cards to the existing sequences, or simply discard one card in a pile with open ones, ending the turn. They must lay out their cards in the best possible way to get the highest score.

After laying out all the cards from one player, he receives the next 11 cards from the dead pile of cards. This time, if the player discards the last card, the game is over. To be able to discard the last card, you must have at least one stacked canasta.

The face-up pile is the set of cards that the players discard in their next turns. At the beginning of the turn, the player can decide whether he wants to draw a card from the closed deck or all the cards that are in the pile of open cards. All cards that are in a pile of open cards are visible to the players - hence the name of the pile.

At the end of the game, the player who takes the turn to end the game (getting rid of the last card) receives 100 points. From the score of the opponent (or opponents), points are counted for cards that could not be laid out according to the description in the Scoring section. The winner is the one who gets the most points at the end of the game.

Winning Strategies

There are certain Burraco strategy tips that you should always keep in mind. In this review, the Casino1 team will try to explain and review all the main ones. The chances of gaining an advantage over other players or the online casino server are increased for those who understand that burraco is a game of skill. In fact, defined in English as the Skill game, it emphasizes competence and skill as more important factors than luck itself.

Therefore, strategies based on the knowledge of the secrets of Burraco become milestones for any sustainable and successful approach in the long term. Players who are aware of the dynamics of the game and try to predict the next moves of their opponents (real or virtual) will be more likely to succeed and receive higher payouts.

It is very important to adapt to the maps and how the game plays on the virtual platform. Our guide has been created based on the practical skills, experience and advice of fellow experts we have dealt with. The presence of various gaming systems helps to choose at least one of them at the right time in order to be able to win real money in the long run.

Gaming Flexibility

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The beauty of Burraco lies in the fact that it offers unique situations in the course of the game. It is almost never possible to encounter a repeating sequence of hands. But still, all the moves can be quite easily theorized.

Only then can you develop a true strategy for success that suits your current game.

When you play Burraco online, the random number generator will give you a total of 108 cards, assuming you are not playing Burraco Live with real professional dealers. That's why we could talk about similar situations, but never about a game identical to the one you've already played. Only in this way will you be able to develop a truly successful strategy that is useful for your current game.

Over the years we have seen several more or less successful Burraco strategies. We'll start by introducing you to some of the most studied and theorized in a general way, and then we'll put together a list of specific tips to drive the game more dynamically.

Unfortunately, Burraco has not been studied theoretically and strategically with in-depth statistical studies. Or at least not as much as poker, blackjack, or even bridge in their land-based and online versions. Direct comparison with other players and extensive experience help to outline the logic of the most successful strategies. Although in practice any situation can disprove even a detailed theory, approaches that are generally considered successful will always improve the results in your favor in the long run.

Real Time Game Control

This Burraco online and ground principle goes beyond any actual strategy, but we put it first because it always remains useful for winning your games. A good gaming session requires a conscious approach and a willingness to respond to changes ahead, always following the logic of anticipating the actions of opponents.

A good example of this is avoiding discarding cards that are good for your opponents or might be good for you a few rounds later. Counting cards, or at least keeping an eye on the exposed cards on the table, is a key aspect of Burraco's winning strategy. As well as foresight and understanding of opponents' strategies in order to be able to use counter moves.

Victory will never come by mere luck, and failure will never stop you on its own if you plan your moves based on the current hand and all the additional information you can gather on the table. The flexibility in managing these situations is much in line with the statistically higher chances of winning.

Rule N+1

This tactic, officially called the lockout strategy, is best used when you are playing with a partner who only has one card left.

A strategic move would be to play all combinations and sequences also and above all with the help of the Deuce or the Joker. With many more closing opportunities in front of him, the partner could make Burraco easier, replace Fool and maybe close the game.

Counter-Play Strategy

As the name suggests, this very famous strategy is based on hitting combinations and sequences similar or equal to those of the opponent. Easy to use and effective as a game system, this approach blocks other players from being stretched. It also takes into account that the cards are limited and we get to know more and more of them as the game progresses.

Card Exchange

This strategy should be used when both you and your partner are low on cards. You don't have your burraco ready yet, but you're close to closing. What to do? By collecting the discard pile and leaving the opponent with only one card, we force him to challenge us with little room to maneuver.

Squeeze the Enemy

A strategy more suited to experienced players given the often complex implementation. Difficult to maintain throughout the game, you should try to collect both wells, leaving your opponent with only a heel and even less room to maneuver. This leaves us with a lot of cards and a lot of doubt in our hands. But players who are comfortable with Buraco cards can achieve a great win.

Useful Waste

This closing strategy may seem counter-intuitive and instead it is very useful to slow down the game of competitors at the key moment of your closing. The scheme is applied when the opponents pull out of the backstage to be able to make a burako or close the move. With so many cards piled up in the discard pile, it's time to get rid of a card that's useful to them. They will make Burraco, but will not be able to close due to the large number of cards they will have in their hands.

Best Practical Advice

Strategia Burraco online

After a list of Burraco's main strategies that have always brought good luck and consistent winnings, let's also look at a list of specific suggestions that are useful for maintaining a consistent behavior that leads to success when playing Burraco online.

1. Don't try to finish early

Burraco as a game tactic does not require us to finish the hand as quickly as possible. Instead, we need to score as many points as possible. In practice, we could turn a bunch of played cards into precious points. And sometimes we also have to collect them. Even if you lose the hand, you can score more points than the other team, even if you take into account possible penalties.

2. Watch your opponents play

Among the most relevant tips always remains the need to pay attention to what the opponent's players are doing. Remember the cards that have been discarded. By analyzing them, you will be able to understand exactly what the competitors are trying to do. As a next step, you will be able to block them by simply not discarding the cards that will complete their combos.

3. Don't lose your cards

On the one hand, it is very important to pay attention to what we discard. Avoid discarding certain potentially useful cards by having other choices. In order not to regret later, you still need to dose the use of mats and wait for the right cards.

4. Try to get into the cockpit.

By following this advice, we gain a significant advantage by having direct access to the deuces and the joker to develop game formations. Getting there first is always of great importance, and then allows us to play and plan our choices, even creating combinations to the detriment of opponents.

5. Learn to distinguish between outer and middle cards

Since you only need a sequence of 7 cards for a burraco (out of the 13 cards of the suit), you need to decide right away which ones you can discard - those that will be outside - versus those that should be central in the sequence. This increases our advantage as a player and allows us to maneuver better in subsequent plays.

Even if the Federation has now recognized the Royal Burraco, the one with 13 cards that is worth 300 points, we do not believe that this can affect us, and therefore this scenario remains unrealized. The straights we should aim for are 2-8, 3-9, 4-10, 5-J, etc. And knowing how to recognize potential center cards will allow you to win statistically more at Burraco.

6. Think carefully about the first combination

The advice here would be to delay a practically safe hand for as long as possible, until your opponents have folded their cards. This attitude allows you to be the first to understand the situation in the game and make decisions by playing in advance. Soon after that, of course, you may be forced to play some combinations faster in order not to lose a few hands and get a lot of penalty points. But already starting with an advantage allows you to avoid these risks.

7. Don't collect unnecessary cards

The trick here is still related to timing: you should practice it if you are in a clearly flat phase of the game so that you can handle the timing load. Also, if the cards you saw playing on the hill don't help your cause, it's best to avoid them. And, ultimately, for obvious reasons, you should absolutely avoid taking the discard pile when your opponent has only two cards in his hand.

8. More practice and training

You should seriously consider practicing your Buraco online strategy at new online casinos. For this, gambling platforms that offer Buraco in a free trial mode are ideal. The intensity of action in Live Burraco is never quite the same as in the simple video version of the game, even if it always maintains the same level of privacy and impartiality. But in order to avoid unnecessary risks, get used to the best strategies for winning Burraco online and be able to play more freely with some innovative moves, you always need to know the dynamics of the game well and practice for hours.

Summing Up

All that we have discussed above are well-known and basic techniques. However, backed up by your great knowledge of the mechanics and good concentration, they will be able to make almost every one of us an excellent Burraco player.

The mathematical nature of Burraco allows you to interpret yourself and place yourself in certain strategic channels move by move. The most successful players are those who can observe the moment and be flexible in their choices, techniques and adopted systems. To beat an opponent to close the game, you need an exciting game, but also a lot of application and attention.

Discover the best Buraco platforms at the new Italian AAMS casinos reviewed at Casino1. and have fun wherever and whenever you want!

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