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Detailed Video Poker Review | Most Profitable Winning Video Poker Strategy

Video poker is a popular automated alternative to live poker tournaments. It is widespread among gamblers in online casinos. Poker machines are represented in the portfolio of most slot machine providers. Unlike traditional types of this game, in video poker winnings depend more on blind luck and less on the skill of the player. Therefore, poker machines are considered a simpler version of this game.

It's not hard to see why video poker remains one of the favorite games of gamblers. Video poker is very popular due to its rapid development, the ability to have winning strategies and approaches with the right methods, accessibility and ease of play. But it is also worth noting the opportunity to win real money while having fun with a simple and exciting game at home.

Let's start analyzing some popular options together and we can see numbers that, combined with a wise and sustainable strategy, can immediately guarantee an RTP close to 100%. Browse the index of our guide to online video poker gaming systems and choose the right approach for you!

Summing UpImmagine di video poker con logo di video poker


If you think that video poker has a short history compared to other gambling games, you are very wrong. The first video poker machine developed by Sittman and Pitt appeared in New York in the late 1800s. Of course, this machine bore little resemblance to modern video poker: the so-called slot machine had five reels, on each of which there was a deck of cards. Although there was a coin slot, the winnings used to be given in the form of food or drinks, as these machines used to be installed in bars and the automatic mechanism for paying combinations had not yet been invented.

These machines were used for nearly 100 years until 1975, when the first electronic slot machine was introduced, in which the physical cards and reels were replaced by the typical images of modern monitors. The outcome was determined by a random number generator, so video poker slots have not changed much since then, except for the image quality and design of the machines.

Sy Redd, the founder of the International Game Technology (IGT) corporation, is often considered the creator of online video poker. The company he founded in 1979 was the first to mass-produce slot machines with draw poker, which within two years became the most popular components of American casinos.

Today, users don't even need to leave their home to play video poker: all they need is to register at an online casino and play their favorite game on their computer or phone.

Video poker is a simplified form of traditional poker. The player competes only with the casino represented by the program. Therefore, the psychological complications of live poker remain "overboard". And each round of the game does not take much time. Video poker is an ideal alternative for novice players. It helps to learn combinations and stages of the game with minimal risk. Unlike live gambling, video poker is available both for real money and in demo mode. At the same time, some players do not consider video poker to be "real" poker. After all, when playing with a machine, there are no trading stages.

The advantages of the game are greatly increased even by simply accessing virtual casinos on the network. Below we want to list the main advantages of this card game:

  • High payouts, which you will not find in land-based casinos;
  • Excellent playability and mobile compatibility;
  • More simple and clear rules than traditional poker;
  • High coefficients allow you to positively influence the outcome of sessions depending on your skills;
  • The difficulty is kept at the same level, you cannot get to a table with too strong players;
  • There is no need to bluff, face, or otherwise try to trick your opponents;
  • No need to wait for a table.

That's why people have been looking for tips on how to win at online video poker for a long time and try to use different systems to take advantage of the benefits. But only because a legendary game with disarming ease of access brings us inimitable and often lucrative entertainment right to our homes.

Let's find out together the reasons for such attachment to online video poker and what strategies are the most popular. The Casino1 team has seen the hard way that it takes deep knowledge and composure to win more at this great classic Italian online casino.

High RTP Videp Poker

Online video poker is somewhat similar to standard slot machines. There is no need to play against professional croupiers or other experienced players. This is an important factor for beginners. You can relax, play at your own pace and not have to worry about sharks and more experienced contenders.

In addition, the very mechanics of the game make it flow like it is one slot machine on the network. Indeed, even based on a deck of 52 cards shuffled after each session, it is the random number generator that distributes the cards. As with the 5 reel spin, we have a minimum income regulated by the AAMS and the government, which in optimal cases never drops below 90%.

It is also worth noting that the player himself can influence the single player game by carefully choosing the cards to keep and those to discard. Instead, this is the main difference between slots: choosing wisely between our first cards can bring you closer to very high theoretical payouts that reach over 99%. In this case, the player will definitely not fall into the trap of a high house edge.

However, it's always a good idea to start playing for free in trial mode. This will allow you to gain practical skills and increase your gaming experience without risking your own money.

Many video poker variants boast a particularly low house edge, good payouts, and provide players with plenty of payout chances. Player decisions can affect the outcome of the game, which does not happen when you press the lever

RTP Size Depending on Game Variant

Some versions of video poker or newer Italian casinos approach or exceed 100% in long-term average payouts. This aspect is almost impossible to find in online casino games, and absolutely unthinkable in land-based gaming halls.

In short, we came to a turning point already at the start of our video poker game. Anyone who wants to make money and also wants to increase their winnings in the long run should choose the right version of the game and try online video poker systems that can improve their chances of winning in this version.

Universal Strategies and Techniques Video Poker

It is very important to realize that there are no fail-safe systems for video poker. In addition, any cheats are also illegal.

Considering the high return to average player rate, such a low house edge, and the inability to influence the dealer or physically present cards, this is quite an acceptable fact.

Video poker at new online casinos gives us a sense of anonymity and complete privacy that removes any psychological pressure associated with a live poker table. Nobody bothers you, nobody comments on your movements. In order to beat video poker machines and receive regular winnings, you will need:

  • Deep knowledge and full understanding of the features and rules of the game;
  • Sharpened skills and practical experience;
  • Carefully developed strategy;
  • Good luck, which will never be superfluous in gambling entertainment!

Suitable Video Poker Variations

Anyone who wants to receive regular winnings should pay special attention to this aspect. While the game's legendary charm remains unchanged, technology and greater competition from foreign and Italian legal casinos have resulted in even richer, more modern and exciting versions.

It is this feature of the game in the web version that increases the above benefits. And not only because some versions offer fans of slots and other games of chance the possibility of simultaneous decision-making! No, we mean attractive paytables, reduced house edge, and chances of big wins. Therefore, it is very important to start with the right choice of poker game variations.

Paytables are always displayed on the main screen. If you do not find payouts for each winning combination in the rules of the selected video poker, log into your account, sit down at the virtual table and you will immediately understand what kind of return your Tris, Full House, Poker, etc. give you. This can really be seen from the free trial, which is most often offered to first-time winners.

Let's analyze some popular options together and we can see the numbers that, combined with a wise and sustainable strategy, can guarantee a return close to 100%.

Jacks or Better Full Pay

screenshot di Jacks or Better

This is the simplest version of video poker, so it is often chosen by novice players. In 9/6 form, this type of game has an attractive payback of 99.54%. The main drawback of the game is the low payouts. All hands pay out evenly, so if the player has Jacks or better at the end of the hand, he gets the same amount as the bet.

A feature of most full pay hand options is that the player has the opportunity to double his winnings in the bonus game every time he hits a Jacks or better combination. For example, a player receives 5 cards, of which one is open and the rest are unknown. To win, you need to choose the card that has the highest value from the four hole cards.

Full payout means the full or maximum payout that the game offers in all its versions. Sometimes the entire paytable is determined by these two wins and is called 9/6 accordingly.

The 9/6 variation even pays 800 to 1 for a royal flush and 50 to 1 for a straight flush. This video poker variant is not even one of the most exciting from a purely theoretical point of view. But it offers an impressive RTP of 99.54%. In addition, the Double Up feature is often available at the best new casinos on the web. Some operators even offer "Double Half" with the option to double half of your winnings and the rest will be credited to your gaming account.

The paytable is generous, the volatility is low, and Jacks or Better remains consistently popular with Italians playing online.

Pick ‘em Poker

screenshot di Pick em Poker

One of our favorite games is Pick'em Poker - a unique variation of video poker that combines the easiest and fastest gameplay with low variance and the easiest to master strategy we have encountered, both online and offline. This is a great option to play online video poker with the highest payouts of 99.95%.

Pick'em Poker is a fairly new variation of video poker. This game was invented in 1997 and it remains unchanged to this day. This game, especially in land-based casinos, can also be found under the name "Pick a Pair Poker".

This game is probably the simplest variation of video poker. At the beginning of the game, you get two cards that are located on the left side of the screen. Based on this, you choose one of the open cards on the right side of the screen. Underneath each of these cards are hidden two more cards to choose from. After choosing one of the cards, both are revealed and you receive a winning hand according to the pay table.

Due to the simplicity of the game, you can play multiple hands. This is a fundamental difference from the game Jacks or Better, for example. You don't need to hold the cards and press the "Deal/Draw" button. You choose one of the lines and the winnings are calculated according to the set odds. In online casinos based on RTG, Pick'em Poker is usually offered with a payout percentage of 99.45% or 98.74%.

The strategy of the game Pick'em Poker is as simple as possible compared to other variations of video poker. This game also features lower variance, allowing you to play longer with one bankroll than in higher variance games such as All Aces.

Here the game starts paying out winnings starting from one pair of nines. At the beginning, eight cards are dealt, and only two of them are displayed on one side of the screen. The remaining six are divided into two groups of three cards each. They remain face down and you as the player must choose which block to take. Thus, you get a combination of five cards and continue the game in the usual way.

Double Bonus Video Poker

Screenshot di Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is variation of Jacks or Better Video Poker, with extra payouts for selected Four of a kind hands. Four Aces will win you an 800 credit payout (when playing 5 credits).

Unfortunately, the full pay version, which pays 100.17%, is not available online, and nowadays it’s also very rare at land based casinos. But it is still an excellent Video Poker game featuring a higher variance at 28.3, meaning you’ll require about 20% more bankroll than you would when playing Jacks or Better. More time passes between your wins, but once you hit something, there is a better chance that it’s going to be a big win.

The paytable for full pay Double Bonus Poker is also called 10-7 (10 single coin payouts for a Full House and 7 single coin payouts for a flush) or 50-10-7-5 (50 single coins payout for Four of a Kind 5-K, and 5 coins payout for a straight are added). Other, lower paying versions of Double Bonus usually have one of these three payouts adjusted, which results in a lower payout. The most common Double Bonus Poker games online are either 45-10-7-5 (99.37% RTP - usually available at RTG casinos) or 50-10-7-5 (99.11% RTP).

The strategy for Double Bonus Video Poker is adjusted from standard, because of the increased payouts for selected four of a kind hands. Actually, besides this increased payout for four of a kind, and the decreased payout for 2 pairs, the game is quite similar to Jacks or Better. It is possible to use the Jacks or Better strategy when playing full pay Double Bonus, but the theoretical payout decreases to around 99.65%.

Also, remember that even when you follow the basic or even the perfect strategy, Double Bonus Poker features a very high variance, so you have to expect to lose more sessions than you win. However, many of the winning session will feature big wins (especially for selected four of a kinds), when the "gambling gods" are on your side.

In addition, with at least one pair of jacks, you can already win hands. We are adding the Autoplay option, which is so dear to those who play to earn real money, and we understand why this version is almost perfect for some experienced players. So much so that Auto Play is available for those who play in expert mode.

Other innovative aspects of Double Bonus Poker are Game Hints, Game Analyzer and Auto-Rebet feature. All of them seem too complicated for those with less experience, but they are not. They are easy to understand and intuitive to use. Of course, there is also Doubling here. If you match a card older than the one you were dealt immediately after winning, you can double the amount earned. So, without further gimmicks, but with a little skill and luck, you can go well above 100% RTP!

Deuces Wild

screenshot di Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is another popular 52 card video poker variant found at most land-based or online casinos. In this type of game, all four deuces serve as wild cards that the player can use to complete a winning hand. The lowest hand on the paytable is a three of a kind and it pays evenly, while four deuces is the second best hand after a royal flush.

As a general rule, the chances of hitting a winning combination are greatly increased by the use of wilds, and casinos must compensate for this. Therefore, players cannot count on high profitability in this game. If the game is successful and with maximum stakes, the profitability of the game can be 100.76%.

On the one hand, there is the Full Pay, which pays 9 times the full pay, 6 times the full pay, and so on. On the other hand, we have four deuces that go wild and take on a useful value for the player. They allow you to reach various winning hands more easily and more often. Finally, Deuces Wild Full Pay offers a proven theoretical record of 100.76% that really borders on the unbelievable. This leaves a negative house edge and attracts millions of players to secure online video poker platforms.

Which Video Poker Version to Choose

According to many experts and the advice of experienced players, the Jacks or Better version is the most profitable and exciting for your entertainment. While the Full Pay Deuces Wild is the high probability version of winning.

Also not to be overlooked are the other two options suggested above, which remain among the most compelling in the panorama of dozens of online video poker games. However, perhaps more viable options remain for those with more experience who are looking for innovative rules and more opportunities to personally influence the outcome of the game.

By adding a healthy approach and a sustainable strategy to these examples, you can make real money in a more consistent and fair way.

What A Winning Video Poker Strategy Depends On

We have already studied and analyzed many of the aspects of the game and its variations that can make the gameplay even more fun and profitable. But we want to highlight the core concepts that define a winning and sustainable strategy as the basis for the highest earning potential in video poker.

Be sure to follow these tips:

  • Take your time. You need to learn more about the type of video poker game you play. It is important to take your time - and to understand well the rules of each game option that you prefer. Each of them has its own distinctive features, and ignorance of this difference can cause great disappointment;
  • Review the payout structure. You should familiarize yourself with the structure of the game in order to be ready to exit it. Once you understand the payout structure, you will be able to make more informed decisions and know what risks you are taking. If you don't understand payouts well, you can easily get confused. Knowing what the payout structure is, you may prefer one type of video poker to another;
  • Start by playing in one hand format. If you are playing video poker for the first time, start with a one-handed game. Don't move on to multi-hand play until you've mastered the above step;
  • Practice as much as possible. You can practice playing online video poker on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. There are many online casinos that offer the opportunity to play video poker for free. Learn from your mistakes and improve your game strategy using free versions of different video poker variants;
  • Go to the maximum rates. If you are a gambler, then you will want to get the maximum winnings in this game. The best way to achieve this goal is to make maximum bets. This will allow you to get the maximum winnings when you have a Royal Flush;
  • Take it easy on your victories. Winning is just winning. Therefore, one should not be greedy when trying to achieve something more. Take your winnings and move on to the next hand. If you lose, don't try to win back everything right away - stick to your strategy, and eventually you will recoup your losses.;
  • Be a good bankroll manager. You must make responsible bankroll decisions. If you run out of betting funds, stay away from your online casino. You must keep track of your winnings and losses in order to have a clear idea of the amounts you are losing or winning. If you learn how to manage your bankroll well, you won't have to worry about developing an addiction.

Winning Strategies

Researching and choosing the best odds offered for your winnings can determine the outcome of your entire gaming session and your subsequent mood.

It would always be nice to find Jacks or Better with a full payout and have €9 after a bet of just €1. But if the casino in question does not offer Full-Pay for this type of video poker, perhaps you could look around and find something better. Even on the platform of the casino itself, there can often be useful odds to help you maximize the profits from your games.

We could give an example with the Aces and Numbers option, which for a fee of 8/5 offers a 99.7% return, higher than or better than the favorite Jacks! But of course, if the same game type displays 7/6 or 7/5, that RTP will definitely drop.

This post is probably the most useful video poker advice online. Choose the rules and options you like, but play where the Fee rewards you in full.

At the end of the article, we will compile a list of the best tips for winning at video poker. And here we want to delve into the topic of winning odds and the strategies associated with them. As we have already said, for a full payout, 9/6 given to a full house and a flush is usually determined. However, we could find better odds, and they would not be called Full-Pay anyway, but would be displayed in numerical terms. For example, 10/7/5 awards 10x ante for a winning full house, 7x for a flush, and 5x for a straight.

Each winning player's strategy differs depending on the version of video poker they play and looking for the best odds to make real money online video poker. Other tactics can still bring you profit, at least for a while. However, in order to increase profits, it is better to rely on the tips and descriptions of the 5-6 most famous varieties of video poker that offer very high percentages of return to the player.

Video Poker Basic Strategy

Grafico di strategia del video poker per Jacks or Better

In any video poker, a player is guaranteed to receive a payout if his cards contain a set of cards provided for by the rules. Accordingly, the goal of the game is to collect a poker hand.

It is always allowed to change up to five cards once free of charge. This option is optional. The client can keep the starting hand if it suits him completely.

The maximum combination is traditionally considered to be a royal flush (from ten to ace of the same suit). Exceptions are found only in rare versions.

The minimum combination depends on the species. Tens or Better pays a couple of tens. In Jacks or Better, payouts are awarded for combinations from a pair of jacks. Deuces Wild requires at least three cards of the same value. Thus, this point should be clarified in each individual model.

Traditionally, the bet per round can be from one to five coins. Their quantity and cost is chosen by the client. When playing with five chips, inflated payouts for the largest combinations can be activated, so it is recommended to always bet the maximum in chips.

The round for doubling the payout is launched at the request of the client. It takes place without the mathematical superiority of the casino, so the chances of winning are 50:50. Here you need to randomly open a card and beat the conditional dealer's card with it. In this case, the winnings are doubled. You can also lose your bet or bring the round to a draw.

Read about possible bonuses, jackpots, playing multi-handed video poker and other additional features in the section with rules and reviews of video pokers from different manufacturers.

Players use two types of video poker strategy. A simple (or basic) video poker strategy groups together some combinations with similar expected returns. As a result, this strategy is much shorter and much easier to learn. The difference in expected payout when using this strategy is very small when comparing the maximum payout that can only be achieved using the optimal strategy.

The difference between the theoretical payout of the game "Jacks and Above" with full payment, simple and optimal (or ideal) strategy is 0.08%. The difference is the result of the mistakes that players make in the process of simplification.

As you can see, video poker is a fairly complex game and you can seriously hurt your chances of winning when you don't use the right strategy.

So, while some games like Jacks or Better have payouts as high as 99.54%, without a perfect strategy, your theoretical payout will be much lower. Moreover, it will proportionally depend on the number of mistakes you make and the number of combinations played. Therefore, it is important to set your priorities.

Basically, the outcome of the game is predetermined by wrong decisions. Or, when playing in a casino, do you just prefer to have fun and rely on luck? If that's the case, then you'll like slots better where no skill is required and no mistakes can be made. If a slot machine has a theoretical payout of 95% then that is what you will get no matter how hard you press the button.

Video Poker Terminology

The study of the theoretical aspect of the gameplay is also an important guarantee of any winning strategy. After all, without knowing the basic terminology, it is impossible to understand all the features of the game:

  • Royal Flush. This hand (combination) is considered the highest hand (combination) that you can make when playing video poker. This is a hand (combination) of five consecutive most valuable cards from A to 10 of the same suit. Having collected a royal flush, you will receive a payout that is 200-300 times the amount of your bet;
  • Straight Flush. This hand (combination) when playing video poker is considered the second in seniority. This is a hand (combination) of five consecutive cards of the same suit. Such a hand (combination) will allow you to receive a payout of 40-60 times your stake;
  • Four of a kind. This is a hand (combination) made up of four cards of the same value. In this case, the suit and value of the fifth card do not matter. Having made such a hand (combination), be ready to put into your pockets the amount won, which is 20-30 times the amount of your bet;
  • Full House. A full house hand (combination) is made up of three cards of one value and two cards of another (but suitable) value. Such a hand (combination) can be, for example, a triple of fives and two jacks (5-5-5-J-J).
  • Flush. This hand (combination) is made up of five cards of the same suit in any order. For example, it can be a combination of two, four, eight, tens and ace (2-4-8-10-A) of spades;
  • Straight. This hand (combination) is considered the sixth highest hand (combination) that can be made while playing video poker. It consists of five consecutive cards, but they do not have to be of the same suit;
  • Three of a kind. This hand (combination) is made up of three cards of the same value. In this case, it is not necessary that the other two cards be of the same value or denomination;
  • Two pairs. This hand (combination) is made up of two cards of the same value and two more cards of another value;
  • One pair. In this classification, this is the weakest hand (combination). It is formed when you have only two cards of the same value in your hand;
  • Highcard. Neither player has any of the combinations, and the winner is determined by the highest card. The strongest card is A (Ace).

Useful Tips for Winning in Online Casino

So, let's try to summarize the most useful tips that were mentioned in our guide:

  1. Choose video poker with direct payouts. Despite the differences between more or less practiced versions, Full Payment certainly affects more than any other factor;
  2. Play calmly. You will make fewer errors of confusion or judgment. This proposal also comes from our experience and is a useful approach for all;
  3. Practice wise management of your bankroll. Choose a platform that suits your pocket and respect the minimum and maximum betting limits. If your strategy is to stay at the table longer, try fewer coins or lower denominations;
  4. Try to bet on combinations of profitable bets, and therefore less paying but more frequent. If you can manage the flow of your bets and the corresponding winnings in this way, move on to more difficult and less likely winning combinations;
  5. Train well. Once you feel ready, try your luck with real money;
  6. Choose video poker with one hand. Even if you shuffle after every game, at least during this one you will know what you can get and what you can't. Even statistically, the odds of winning with just one deck are higher;
  7. Never sacrifice a winning hand, it's better to try to create another one - perhaps better paid, but less likely.

Free Poker Game

All of the most effective video poker strategies and approaches have free online play as a key element.

Luckily, there are plenty of free video poker platforms available. They may be less developed than those offered by the Italian legal casinos under ADM jurisdiction, but they are still easy to find. But even new online casinos want happy and satisfied players. Therefore, operators often offer video poker in a trial version or with free spins and generous bonuses.

A free game can help both experts who are familiar with the game, as well as players with less experience or even beginners. The demo mode offers a lot of fun, less stress and makes video poker more famous in its main variants. In this way, a person trains and prepares to be able to wager with real money later.

These free ways to play online video poker highlight other great benefits of playing online in general. They do not exist in land-based casinos and are an excellent strategy for video poker or any other game in legal Italian casinos.

Casino Bonuses Review

The bonus program is the basis of the advertising campaign of any online casino. Encouraging prizes for making deposits, registration or other activities on the site help attract (and retain) new customers.

Many players, especially beginners, flock to the next promotional offer from online casinos like moths to a candle. It’s hard to refuse, because the bonuses seem really profitable. However, many professional players most often spin the reels only "for their own".

Betting without bonuses is freedom. Those who have turned down free cheese don't need to think about wagering, which is sometimes very difficult to pull off.

Taking a bonus, you can lose peace for a long time. The theoretical chance to withdraw good money makes you play more often, make big bets, and hurry up when choosing a strategy.

At the same time, some users note that the correct use of bonuses can really bring considerable benefits. Therefore, it is very important to know all the details of wagering the amount received.

Switching from demo mode to spending bonus deposit coins or perhaps first deposit will prepare you for the next step if and when you feel ready. Video poker, like many other online casino games, is part of a bonus-served reality and can still lead to big wins.

However, it remains a free game, but it can gradually bring you closer to the world of professionals, to understand more consciously, without various tricks and tricks, how video poker is played and how you can win by adopting wise behavior.

Good bonuses are offered, perhaps, in most online casinos. And although the conditions of bonuses are often quite strict, nevertheless, bonus programs expand the possibilities of players. And by taking advantage of these promotions, you can get a good benefit. And even if you are not lucky, then you will only lose the bonus money, and your funds will remain intact. And whether to play further, what bets to make, and how much to risk at your own expense - this is the business of each player.

Summing Up

We understand that those who want to receive regular and increasingly pleasant winnings should do more detailed research. In order to start your adventure in the world of online video poker, aimed at making more money in the long run, you must definitely apply judgment, patience and accumulate a lot of knowledge.

You cannot sit in front of the first gaming platform on the internet without checking the odds, practicing a little, choosing the most generous conditions and providing the best payouts according to the paytable.

With a traditionally minimal house edge and the ability to further influence the course of the game with their actions, video poker remains highly profitable and always in demand in the best online casinos.

The Casino 1 team provides its readers with detailed reviews and precise guides to the best operators on the market. It is up to you to decide where to challenge Lady Luck in a much more conscious and profitable way!

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