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Trump is a Traditional Italian Card Game

Today we are pleased to introduce a new classic card game - Trump. This game is one of the most popular traditional card games in Italy and is now available in many licensed online casinos.

Trump is the addictive and addictive card game that many of us are familiar with. Today, with the online version, this entertainment, so loved by the Italians, can be in the palm of your hand and at any time to have fun and win, as tradition dictates! Whether you're using a strategy to win or some trick taught by family and friends, the online trump card remains just as enticing as the original game in a company or land-based casino.

Trump is a bribe card game that you can play alone or in groups with a standard 40-card Italian deck (for people unfamiliar with Italian cards, BGA can be configured to display cards using an Anglo-French deck in the game settings).

At the beginning of the round, each player is dealt three cards, and then the next card, called the Trump, is revealed face up and represents the trump suit for that round. Each player on their turn will play a card, and the trick will be taken by the player who plays the high cards of the suit requested by the first player, or the high cards of the trump suit. Unlike some other trick games, in this game you don't have to follow the suit, which gives players more flexibility to strategically manage their hand. Also, don't forget to check how the cards rank among themselves to be sure before starting the game!

We bring to your attention a short but informative and useful guide. In this article, the Casino1 team will tell you how to play and win at Trump online, what strategies and systems experienced players use, and what basic tips for winning Trump we found positive from personal experience.

Main Similarities and Differences with the Offline Version of the Game

Those who play Trump know that it is based on both luck and skill. Sometimes you find yourself with a lot of cargo in your hand and you have to sacrifice one to try and win with others. However, even in the online version, most games end with high ranked cards in the last 2-3 hands. Therefore, to win in large hands, as a rule, you have to hold trump cards.

Even the rules don't change much. In principle, online game operators offer a classic and well-known variant with simple and well-known rules. Enough to make playing even more relaxing and enjoyable on both desktop and tablet or mobile.

If you want to play Trump online and win more often, don't worry. Both trump cards are fun to train, and here at Casino 1 we've put together some cool ideas on how to make our game strategy more fun in a short amount of time.

Basic Strategies

To play Trump, you need a deck of 40 cards, and not necessarily Spanish or Italian, which explains the increased interest in this game. Tourists visiting local casinos can also have fun with regular Trump cards.

Jokers, eights, nines and tens are removed from the standard deck, and then it is permissible to use it as a set of cards with Italian suits. The use of just such a deck will be described later.

The Trump game can be played by two to six people, most commonly two, three, four, or six. Trump for five players is played relatively rarely, since this version of the game is characterized by special rules, rather complicated and, in addition, not known to everyone, including other ardent fans of games with Italian (Italian-Spanish) cards.

The ranking of the cards in general differs little from that of most traditional Italo-Spanish and French card games, although there are some differences. Ace has the highest value, set at 11 points. Below is a three of a kind, which is worth 10 points, and then there are the usual figures - King (it is worth 4 points), Queen (3 points) and Jack (2 points). Low-ranking point cards are in the following order: 7, 6, 5, 4, 2. All of them, although they have dignity, have absolutely no price value.

In the game, the winner is the one who manages to score at least 61 points, that is, more than half of the total points of the deck (120 points). The game ends in a draw if someone has scored 60 points. Most often, Trump is played from three to five circles.

The first and most important tip, which then remains the same in both online and land-based games, is to try to determine the game strategy from the very beginning. Then they try to hide it from their opponents, who are often flesh-and-blood people on the other side of their computers or smartphones.

However, if you want to win more, this alone is not enough as a basic approach. The chosen system of play must also be complemented by certain counter moves of the opponent as a direct consequence of discovering his trump strategy online. Therefore, you must always stay focused from the very beginning of the game and with every hand played. Some players even base their strategies and decisions on the tactics of their opponents. Whichever path you choose, managing everyone's trump cards and competitors remains fundamental, and their use must be monitored during the game.

Good Memory and Scoring

This is another fundamental aspect. Unlike many other games also offered by online casinos or online card game operators, Trump's online counting is much simpler. And we'll come back to this a little later. We are talking about taking into account both the total score and the already played trump cards and loads, as well as those that are still in play. So it's important to start well, take into account what has just happened, and play the right cards at the best time.

Loads Figure Smooth
Card Ace 3 King Horse Valet 7 6 5 4 2
Points 11 10 4 3 2 0 0 0 0 0


Starting Hands

At the beginning of the game, quantity does not mean much, but it is worth paying attention to this aspect. If we have a load in front of us, it may be appropriate to throw a trump card, even a high one, taking advantage of the opportunity and a lot of points. Or finish a good Face or Load hand after no one has trumped. It is important to understand that along with such opportunities at the initial stages of an online game, other factors must be taken into account:

  • In the beginning, players are more likely to have trump cards;
  • Precisely because there were no moves, we could not count or have a realistic perspective on the trump cards and their distribution.

More than a gimmick, this awareness helps us avoid risky moves, betting on other people's misfortunes, or an unbalanced distribution of high cards. Thus, as a practical piece of advice, we could say that when we are not sure how to win a hand, it is always better for us to try with a trump than with a load if we do not play last in the hand.

Strategies and Tricks

There are many trump game systems that are also used when playing online. For example, always a useful tip is to try to remember the cards you have already passed. With a standard 40-card deck, we could easily determine which cards were left and then make guesses about the cards in opponents' hands, also based on their responses each round.

Another “smart”, but still little practiced trick is to deliberately lose the penultimate hand. Given the importance of the end cards and their likely high score, you stand a chance of drowning with more resources and the right timing.

And since you can’t make easy assumptions with virtual satellites, the fidelity of your own strategy turns out to be more important and more reasonable.

In addition, we take into account exactly the time of the tactics we have chosen. Even if scoring comes from the most loaded and contested hands, the choice to throw your trumps and loads early and quickly is not always the wisest and most correct. It really depends on the game. But the right time to maximize winnings may be later.

Card Counting

We have already mentioned card counting. Not only is this legal, but it is often crucial in managing the online trump game. Especially because of the complete privacy of the casino, where we could mark cards and trumps in many different ways. The main thing to consider:

  • Trumps that have already been played;
  • Total points.

Good preparation for a winning strategy cannot ignore these two fundamental aspects. And after the initial stage of learning through many free online platforms, one should also increase the speed of execution and card counting.

Trumps monitoring helps to understand how many and which cards are left by the end of the game. And the overall score helps determine the best approach to the game at that moment. When opponents have a lot of high-point cards in their hands, they can be taken with the right moves, or perhaps the possibility of exceeding the points they need with a well-timed attack in previous hands is closed.

Planning with Counting

In order to plan your own moves and prevent the moves of other players, it is always necessary to take into account the moves already made. But it is also useful to understand the strategy of other players. How opponents play their most significant cards can and should show their system of play. On the other hand, when you are playing with virtual avatars but against the real people behind them, it is always advisable to plan your strategy. But it is extremely important to mask it or try not to allow it to be filtered in any way. The second item above is the total score to keep track of. It is this score that determines the ultimate goal that can be pursued with the right pushes or stalls.

Four Player Game

There are minor differences between Trump's winning strategies online versus land-based if you're playing with 4 players. Of course, there is no way to merge some cards or moves, you cannot make signs. But during the hands, the support of the partner should not be interrupted, as well as attention to loading the hands taken by his team with points. However, even using short-term memory and reasoning, we could lower certain limits of risk due to factors that are unknown to us at every stage of the game.

The Trump Discovered

It is equally important to manage the last moves and therefore the last card, which is always a welcome trump card. However, a mistake often made by less experienced players is that they confuse this step with the goal of the game.

If it helps us score more or fill in some important gaps in our exit strategy, we could force the game. But it is even more important to take into account the points scored also because you can achieve victory without this last trump card. Handling loads is good, but keeping them all for the last hand doesn't always pay off. Early closing is often possible due to the fact that opponents have lost points in previous distributions.

If, on the other hand, you lack more points, while the players have a lot of them in the last hand, we can lose the penultimate one in order to then be able to draw a trump face up. Instead, we could change the strategy of the game if this card is a smooth trump anyway and we have a higher card.

Trump Variations

Many of us know more variations of our favorite game. We also know that the type of trump depends on the number of players. However, there are mostly two, three, or four player versions on the web. In addition to reducing the deck to 39 cards with 3 players, we are left with the choice to play with a partner or not.

The basic version can be considered the one played by four. Sharing trump tricks online with an unfamiliar and difficult partner. Maybe if you manage to arrange a remote session with several friends at the same online gaming operator, it is practically the same as playing with everyone at the table at home.

Finally, the Briscola Call, although an absolutely ingenious Italian invention, remains a very rare option on the net and is hard to find.

Best Tips for a Winning Game


Without a doubt, the main advice: always consider the personal score, as well as the score of the opponent. As the game progresses, it is necessary to at least approximately remember the points scored by both trump teams in order to make appropriate decisions. This sometimes forces us to move in some hand, which without a virtual account may seem less important.

Trumps and Opening

Once again, we remind you of the importance of keeping track of the cards that have fallen. And if these cards are trumps, then this is even more important. This approach influences the winning choice, such as the strategy to be used on the last card. We always emphasize that it would be better to accumulate more points before the trump is revealed. This will allow you to make a choice at the main moment: go out first or chase him.

In addition, keeping in mind the played trump cards, it is also possible to give the correct utility to those that are already or are not in the hands of opponents. To win the game, it may not be necessary to sacrifice the highest card to get the last trump.

Drop the best cards at the first opportunity

If the right opportunity presents itself with a 10 or 11 point weight on the table, don't hold trump cards face down in your hand. You need points to win, and dropping the best trump cards is not a bad move if they are significantly closer to the goal. Of course, if the hand can be taken even with small trumps, it must be done. But if the hand isn't played last, you might consider rolling a higher value.

Play Last

Since it is not necessary to play a specific suit, remember that the power limit belongs to the player who plays last. Leaving a few unrelated hands to get into the next hand is an approach often used by more experienced players.

Forget the Signs

This is the main difference from offline Trump. Not being able to make any conventional signs between the captain and the assistant, one has to agree to virtual methods of communication. Following a personal method, it is possible to exchange signs in a desktop chat. However, there are no typical body markings that help to minimize playing errors and this can make players feel limited.

Summing Up

Many conclusions can be drawn from the winning trump strategies and systems used by Italian players. We've already seen some practical tips for working together. Certain personal decisions help increase the chances of winning even more. However, the main strategy will be to stay focused during the game, follow your path and play a lot and often to improve your technique.

Opening a gaming account is easy, fast and profitable! Choose between the best new Italian casinos reviewed by Casino 1 and enjoy Trump online even for free!

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