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Overview of Casino Payment Methods | Best Italian Casinos AAMS

One of the most important aspects for online casino players is the withdrawal methods and timing of deposits through the channels that are known in the online casino.

Online casinos should provide easy ways to deposit money into a game deposit and withdraw money to a player's account or wallet. The user needs confidence in the security and transparency of all transactions. The casino owner, for his part, is interested in the smooth processing of transactions.

Statistically proven data indicate that the main concerns of online casino customers are the methods of making payments and the security of financial transactions. Obviously, you are also interested in this issue, since you are reading this article. Without further ado, let's move on to the main task of this article: to explain to you how to properly deposit and withdraw money from your online casino account using various payment methods. Below you will also learn about which cards and electronic wallets can be used and how the process of crediting and withdrawing money goes.

We explain everything here in detail, reporting on the provisions of the law and the AAMS rules, as well as the security practices and protocols of the major electronic providers and banking systems.

Use of Credit and Debit Cards

immagine con loghi di Mastercard, Visa, American Express e Diners Club

Funding your gaming account at secure online casinos with a credit or debit card is now extremely simple. There are various reputable card schemes that have proven to be reliable over the years. We all know, among them are Visa and MasterCard, as well as American Express. So, if you decide to use one of them, all you need to do is fill in the card details indicated in the appropriate fields on the "Payment" (or perhaps "Checkout") page.

You can visit the sites of many online casinos and see for yourself that they all accept credit card payments. Bank cards are widespread and actively used online, not only on gaming websites, but also on other platforms. This is easily explained by the fact that they are convenient to use and allow you not to worry about the security of transactions. The process of crediting money is simple and clear, so there is no need for complex explanations.

Visa and MasterCard are welcome guests anytime, anywhere, but the American Express card cannot join them without prior approval. Under Directive 2015/2366/EU, or the second payment services directive as it is known, companies are not allowed to add surcharges on payments made through debit and credit cards, including American Express and related PayPal and ApplePay. Now you can see why cards are the preferred payment method for casino players.

Once you make a secure online deposit using TLS and SSL security protocols, the funds should be instantly available in your online casino gaming account. However, if you choose to use a credit card, be aware that transactions are often subject to fees ranging from 0.8% to 1.3%.

Types of Bank Cards Accepted at Italian Casino AAMS: Debit Cards and Credit Cards


The Visa payment system is one of the first financial systems in the world, founded in 1970. While there are currently hundreds of e-wallets and thousands of payment methods, few can compete with Visa. Simplicity, convenience and reliability is what attracts gamblers who use Visa in online casinos.

Since the Visa payment method is supported in more than 200 countries, and using VISA is usually not difficult, many players tend to use this method to carry out all monetary transactions in the selected gaming club.

To replenish the account and withdraw winnings using VISA casino, the client must issue a bank card of this type. To do this, the gambler needs to contact the nearest bank branch with a passport and an identification code. The bank employee will take all the necessary personal information and tell you when you can pick up the finished card.

The waiting time depends on which card type has been selected. The player can issue a virtual, debit, credit card. However, for playing in an online casino, the best solution would be to issue a classic debit card. You can use the card in almost all modern gaming clubs.

One of the main advantages of VISA cards is their wide distribution. Wherever you go, you can always find a VISA payment terminal, so it becomes easier to make payments with such a card.

The same applies to online casinos. The vast majority of sites accept VISA cards, allowing players to quickly and easily make deposits and start playing without wasting time waiting.

The security of VISA cards is also one of the highest in the world. The "Verified by Visa" mark is a recognized guarantee for the security of online payments. VISA also uses tokenization (replacing card data with unique user tokens), advanced EMV technology for chip cards, and biometric tools such as face and fingerprint recognition. The company also uses predictive analytics to predict fraud and notify users immediately when suspicious activity is detected.

Another advantage of VISA cards is bonus programs available for some credit and debit cards. As a rule, bonus programs involve the accrual of points and differ depending on the type of card. Under the programs, users can receive signup bonuses and discounts on travel, dining, and shopping, however, in some cases, income and credit information must be provided.

Despite widespread use and advanced security measures, the company has been at the center of several major scandals over the past few years. She was accused of violating anti-competitive rules in conjunction with Mastercard, including pressure on competitors and conspiracy to inflate ATM fees.

One of the main advantages of using it is the fact that VISA is accepted in almost all online casinos. As a result, your VISA card will almost never be rejected. For this reason, if you don't mind using your credit card to make online transactions, VISA may be a suitable choice for making deposits and withdrawals at new and classic online casinos. Finally, if you find it worthwhile to choose VISA as your preferred credit or debit card for depositing and withdrawing real money from your online casino account, you will certainly benefit from our full Visa casino review and list.


MasterCard is a convenient payment method for most gamblers. This service is considered one of the most popular in the CIS, as it allows you to quickly deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos. The international company began to work in the late 70s - then it was far from the global scale. But today Mastercard cards are available in more than 200 countries around the world.

The advantages of MasterCard bank cards do not end with instant transactions and simple terms of use. The advantages of this system also include information security. It is guaranteed by the MoneySend service. The tokenization option also eliminates the option of fraud

The security of the Mastercard payment method is ensured by four factors. The first is the secret code. Only the cardholder and the bank know about it. Card chipping is another security factor. A chip carrier embedded in each card stores all customer data. Lack of liability also protects the customer. If the user becomes a victim of fraudsters, he is automatically released from liability for payments made by third parties

Mastercard Identity CheckTM is a unique security system that automatically starts user identification if it detects any suspicious activity. In other words, if the cardholder does not provide a secret code and other personal data, there is no need to worry about financial security. MasterCard provides ample tools to prevent fraud.

American Express

American Express is an American financial company headquartered in New York, which has achieved significant success in the market. Its financial solvency is proved, for example, by the fact that it is one of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones index.

Among the wide range of American Express services is the issuance of credit cards. This fact interests us most of all, since now there are a large number of online casinos and bookmakers on the network that use American Express credit cards as a form of payment. The advantages of using American Express credit cards in online casinos include convenience, as well as the widespread use of this payment method around the world.

Most online casinos accept American Express credit cards. It doesn't matter if you play on a computer or on a mobile phone, you can always use an American Express card.

The American Express card in an online casino is similar in principle to using similar cards from Visa and MasterCard, reviews of which have already been published on our website.

Usually, to pay a deposit, the system asks you to enter the card number, the name of its owner, the expiration date of the card and its security number. During the subsequent transaction, all information provided by you is encrypted by an electronic security system and transmitted using reliable SSL technology, which excludes the possibility of transferring your data to third parties. Such a financial transaction takes very little time and will be considered by your bank as a regular purchase, which you will see after some time in the bank statements.

Separate (luxury) types of American Express bank cards are convenient in that they allow you to make maximum bets in online casinos, while other credit card operators sometimes impose limits on high bets.

When withdrawing winnings to an American Express card, some virtual casinos may ask you to fill out paperwork with your personal data. However, this does not take long and is not a barrier to using American Express cards.

It should be noted that there are isolated cases when an online casino accepts American Express credit cards for payment, but does not provide an opportunity to withdraw money to such a card, so players have to look for alternative ways to withdraw the money won.

And although modern technologies for transmitting financial information are very reliable, we would like to remind you once again that you use only trusted online casinos. Only the right choice of an online casino is something that can fully protect you.

Reliable first class credit card for all safe casino players. Over the past few years, American Express has continuously maintained and raised its standards as a trusted online payment method. However, AMEX is currently only offered as a withdrawal and deposit option by some aams virtual casinos. Perhaps because of the image of a certain exclusivity, but perhaps because of the strict regulation of online gambling in our country.

Would you like to use American Express as a secure payment solution? If so, we highly recommend that you check out our comprehensive American Express online casino review, prepared by the experts at Casino 1.

Diners Club

Casinos with Diners Club International are online gambling sites that allow players to deposit and withdraw funds using the Diners Club International e-wallet service. This payment method is known for its security, convenience and speed.

Diners Club International is a well-established payment method that is often used to deposit money at online casinos. Diners Club started out as an alternative to paying for food or a hotel. However, these days it can be used like a credit card. Many players make deposits at online casinos using this old favorite. There are many Diners Club casinos, including some of the most famous companies. Don't forget to check out the biggest bonuses and promotions before making a deposit. There are also many reviews with information on the best features of each online casino.

Diners Club International is a payment card and direct banking company that was founded in 1950. It operates in 59 countries and is headquartered in Riverwoods, Illinois. For those not in the know, a payment card is similar to a credit card, but without a set spending limit. As a general rule, they must be paid in full each month. This means that it is issued to people or organizations with high credit scores.

The card was created mainly for travel and entertainment. However, over time, they have expanded and now include payment for other utilities. Thus, the card can be used as the main entertainment in some online casinos. Not all casinos accept this payment method mainly due to its exclusivity limiting the number of cardholders. The use of this card is most popular in the US. However, this is acceptable in most places where MasterCard can be used. Its use is relatively popular in Europe as well.

The elite nature of the card should not be a cause for intimidation; it works just like most other cards. In the deposit menu on the casino website, the player selects Diners Club as their preferred deposit method. The site then redirects them to the card payment page.

The card also combines payments with direct banks. The work between the two platforms is almost flawless. The biggest advantage it offers is that it does not have a deposit limit. This can be good news or bad news, depending on the depth of their pockets and the nature of their spending habits.

Electronic Wallets

loghi e-Wallet Skrill, Paypal, Neteller, ecoPayz

Electronic wallets are a worthy alternative to bank cards, not inferior to them in terms of security and convenience. With them, you can also easily control your funds in online casinos. Electronic wallets are very popular among players, and often online casino users are even rewarded with bonuses for using them. If you use an online wallet, then information about it is stored on the server and always remains available.

This method is especially convenient if you have already transferred funds to your account. Then you just have to choose the payment method and the card from which you plan to write them off. Another advantage of this payment method is the fast processing of requests. Replenishment of a deposit through a card or an electronic wallet occurs almost instantly, but the withdrawal of funds in the first case takes from 1 to 5 business days, in the second - only 12-48 hours.

The digital wallets offered to us by the digital revolution are by far one of the fastest growing and currently ubiquitous payment methods. They are increasingly in demand by Italian players to manage their online accounts. The main advantage of this latest frontier of modern payments is the fact that when creating an account, the user saves all their card information in a secure, but above all, convenient way.

This way, even if you have more than one card, you can store their details in an "electronic wallet" protected by the latest generation of encryption. Later, this virtual digital banking device will allow you to conveniently and securely select and reuse your cards.

The Casino1 team has prepared for its readers a detailed overview of various e-wallets for use in Italian online casinos. All e-wallets that you will find as payment methods have been carefully tested and verified by our experts. You can read their detailed analysis to determine which payment system is right for you. We are of course talking about established e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, among many others.

Types of E-Wallets Available at Italian Casino AAMS


PayPal payment system is used by more than two hundred million users worldwide. Ease of connection, a high level of security and the ability to make payments on any device are the main advantages of the payment method. That is why most gamblers prefer to conduct transactions at the PayPal casino.

PayPal is one of the easiest means to make online payments. In the 15 years since eBay bought the company from Elon Musk, PayPal has been the #1 choice among online casino visitors. The platform provides users with a range of benefits, ranging from non-disclosure of personal information to a money-back guarantee from many online stores.

Depositing funds through PayPal is a simple and affordable process. You select the "deposit funds" option in your online casino account, go to the PayPal website, log in and confirm the payment. If you still don't have an account, below you will find detailed instructions on how to create one. You can create an account on the go through the app for iOS or Android. At the same time, remember that connecting the card to your account may take up to 3 days.

Arguably the most significant e-wallet to date, PayPal has managed to maintain its global customer base for years. It is an absolutely reliable means of payment in North America and Europe, but it is also known worldwide among demanding casino players and various consumers. Even if Neteller and Skrill seem to be more involved as partners of Italian online casinos, PayPal remains a possible and safe choice for various AAM concessionaires.

If this is for you too, you can read our detailed review of using this fantastic e-wallet with a list of the pros and cons of PayPal as an online payment method.


This Canadian e-wallet has been approved in 200 countries, but it is most popular among English gaming operators. Neteller and gambling have been going hand in hand for many years now.

After being forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to handle more than 80% of all gaming transactions in the US, the company decided to move its headquarters to the Isle of Man. Neteller's activity was temporarily halted, but this did not prevent it from remaining one of the best payment systems in the field of gambling. Before funding your account, you need to make sure that you have enough funds in your Neteller account. Immediately after that, you can start enjoying low deposit limits. By the way, some casinos have completely abandoned such restrictions.

The main advantage of using Neteller at an online casino is that deposits and withdrawals are instantaneous. This means that you will be spared from the tedious process of waiting for the transaction, such as in the case of a bank transfer. All that is required of you is to simply select the amount you want to deposit on your account or, on the contrary, withdraw from it. In addition to making payments in record time, Neteller is also one of the most secure payment methods thanks to its encrypted connection to the online casino that uses it. Some casinos may charge you a commission when withdrawing funds, which, however, will be very small.

Neteller has long been associated with the gaming world, processing transactions for various online casinos, bookmakers and poker rooms. As early as 2005, the company handled over 80 percent of secure online gambling transactions. This visibility has also led to problems with the US Department of Justice, especially due to America's poorly regulated sector. The company was forced to pay around 300 million euros in compensatory fines to exit.

After this experience, the company moved to the British Isles, significantly expanded the scope of its activities and even began to cooperate with MasterCard on prepaid cards. Even though Neteller does not receive such a significant rake from the gaming world, it has maintained its status as one of the most reliable and affordable payment methods on the network.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Neteller as a popular payment method for your online casino transactions, you should definitely check out our Neteller online casino review!


Credit cards are ideal for shopping in malls, PayPal for shopping online, and Skrill for playing online casinos. This system processes many online payments quickly and securely, which is why it has become widespread among gamblers and bookmakers. Online gambling is one of Skrill's top priorities, along with finance and video gaming.

Today, the popularity of Skrill in the online casino industry surpasses even Neteller, which in the early 2000s processed more than 80% of all casino payments. Skrill is already available in over 100 countries and accepts over 40 currencies, once again overtaking Neteller. As subsidiaries of the Paysafe Group, both of these services share the same privacy-focused approach.

But due to the popularity and prevalence of Skrill, choosing the right online casino becomes much more difficult. Then the list of the best Skrill online casinos comes to the rescue with all the information about available games, bonuses and user reviews.

But before you choose the Skrill-supported casino that suits you, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some interesting information about the Skrill service itself.

The Skrill platform, also known as Moneybookers, has been Neteller's main rival for many years, starting from its inception in the gambling industry in 2001. The platform has been approved by most UK operators and many other international gaming sites, whether they support e-wallets or not.

This service has been licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Skrill ensures the security and convenience of making transactions while offering low limits. To make a payment through this platform, you must have a registered account or a prepaid Skrill card. Deposits are made instantly, while withdrawals take up to 24 hours. Among the few shortcomings of the Skrill platform are the lack of available languages and the absence of any dispute resolution system.

With the exception of credit cards, Skrill has become the most common payment method at online casinos. But is it really that convenient? Let's take a look at its pros and cons. The main advantages of Skrill from the point of view of casino players can be noted a multi-stage protection system. E-wallet owners do not need to provide the casino with their bank details. Skrill has added another layer of security with the SSL data encryption protocol, and all you need to make a payment is your wallet number.

Competitive Fees: Compared to Neteller and many other wallets, the fees for depositing your casino account with Skrill are much lower. Widespread: Skrill is available in over 100 countries and accepts over 40 currencies, not counting cryptocurrencies.

Fast deposits and withdrawals. This applies both to internal transactions through Skrill and to deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. In addition, Skrill withdraws casino winnings to the user's account within a maximum of 24 hours, while in the case of credit cards, this may take several days.

If you are still looking for a secure and trusted way to withdraw funds and deposits, Skrill eWallet is one of the most popular and convenient payment methods today. You will find it the preferred banking alternative at many more AAMS online casinos than even Neteller or PayPal. Are you interested in using Skrill as a payment method? If your answer is yes, better read the expert review of the list of Skrill casinos that we have put together for you!


The EcoPayz system is well known to gamblers who prefer to use proven and secure payment methods in online casinos. The activity of the financial platform began in 2000 and therefore EcoPayz is one of the first electronic wallets in the world. Round-the-clock work of a multilingual support service, security and efficiency of money transfers attract online casino players.

Also, in addition to the typical features of any relevant e-wallet, EcoPayz offers the benefit of being able to withdraw money directly to your prepaid debit card, called an ecoCard. In addition, the card can be used to transfer funds to family and friends, as well as for simple purchases of goods and services from other companies and online stores, so the EcoPayz system is certainly familiar to Italian online players.

Using the EcoPayz e-wallet in an online casino is not only convenient, but also completely safe. The privacy of players' personal data and the security of money transfers are governed by the ecoPayz Security Policy, referred to as PSI-Pay. The main provisions of this document indicate that the payment system uses only the latest technologies that minimize the possibility of fraudulent activities. Financial transactions are carried out on the basis of the SSL protocol - an encryption system that does not allow the transfer of payment data to third parties.

In addition to a high level of security and ease of use, this e-wallet boasts many other advantages that will delight you. By opening an ecoAccount, you will have access to a range of exclusive offers and promotions. Throughout the year, EcoPayz runs many attractive promotions that give members the chance to win great prizes. You can receive information about all ongoing promotions by e-mail, so you will never miss anything.

As an online gambling player, you should always stay up to date with the news about current promotions for casino players, which will help you with a special e-wallet service. As part of their strategy, they work closely with all of their partners to bring you only the best value deals every month. Earn amazing rewards from both EcoPayz and your online casino.

In addition, this online financial service also has efficient customer support in the Italian market, but offers transfers in any of the 45 available currencies. Are you interested in ecoPayz as a withdrawal and deposit method? Perhaps so, then we highly recommend that you read the EcoPayz online casino guide from Casino 1 today!

Traditional Banking at Italian Online Casinos AAMS

Playing in an online casino and depositing money offline may seem strange, but everyone chooses their own. Casinos offer you various options. If you're tired of credit cards, e-wallets, and currencies that don't work outside of the online space, deposit money the old-fashioned way. To do this, just go to the bank and transfer the required amount to the game account from there.

This can be done by check, Western Union or Moneygram. Almost the only disadvantage of this payment option is that in order to implement it, you need to go to the bank and waste your time. Before sending money to a casino, make sure that it is reliable and verified. Then hand over the finances to the bank teller, go home and get ready to wait.

This is one of the main problems of banks: the approval of a transaction takes them much longer than online operators. Bank deposits and withdrawals are processed within 2 to 10 business days, while the check approval process can take anywhere from 5 to 28 days.

In fact, when someone is offline, they can opt for a classic bank transfer, or perhaps write off a bank or cashier's check. In addition, there are well-known Western Union and Moneygram, which were created specifically for those who are more comfortable physically bringing cash to the counter. Although this requires more effort and personal commitment, the only thing you need to do to make a deposit is to visit a financial institution (often just the nearest or reliable bank), have the money in cash or in your account, and wait for the money to appear in the account at online casino.

Undoubtedly, the main problem when choosing this approach to payments in an online casino is the time required to carry out all these actions, and the inconvenience of finding a trusted credit institution. However, considering other factors, using an offline banking system to withdraw and deposit money at an online casino remains fundamentally cheaper than a hypothetical trip to a land-based casino.

Available Offline Payment Methods at Italian Online Casino AAMS

Bank Transfer as a Popular Payment Method

If you are one of those players who is not too tech-savvy or does not want third parties involved in making payments, then bank transfer will always be the safest option for you when funding your online casino gaming account. When using this payment method, you must verify your bank account, and your bank will always be able to contact you if suspicious activity is noticed in your account. Thus, you don't have to worry about security.

Players can fund their account and withdraw their winnings by bank transfer, the only drawback of which is that there will be some time between the request for a deposit or withdrawal of funds and their actual crediting to the player's account. This is entirely dependent on the player's bank and usually takes 3 to 5 business days.

Despite the low speed of payment processing, bank transfer is used in all online casinos that have a good reputation and have a high level of security, which eliminates the possibility of third-party interference and the possibility of tracking your actions, since most online casinos encrypt their data. For players who want to be sure that their funds will be credited without causing them any problems, bank transfer is one of the best options.

In the case of non-cash bank transfers, each account holder must verify their identity, which helps prevent fraudulent activities. The information contained in the parameters of online forms of non-cash bank transfers is subject to multi-level encryption.

Bank transfers are often more secure than other forms of online payment, as your sensitive details only need to be entered once when setting up a banking profile, and there is no need to use them across multiple platforms. This minimizes the risk of information leakage.

However, transfers using SWIFT and IBAN numbers are far from free, as each intermediary bank that processes the transfer from your bank to the beneficiary's bank may charge fees without notifying the parties. In some cases, funds may pass through several banks at once before reaching their destination, resulting in prohibitively high bank fees. The European Union offers partial protection against such cases, but cannot completely eliminate costs.

Certain banks may strongly encourage you to make online payments instead of cash, and for good reason, as there are a number of advantages to using this payment method, most notably the high level of security due to multiple encryption. Bank transfers can be used to both send and receive payments, which means less confusion for the customer.

People increasingly trust banks and use bank transfers more and more often. Since electronic funds transfer is used by most modern families on a monthly, if not weekly basis, a strong bond of trust is established. Being able to use a verified payment method at your favorite online casino will give you more peace of mind.

If you prefer to use this payment system on your own, please note that such deposits and withdrawals are usually subject to fees. Even if you are familiar with the mechanics of bank transfers, it is always worth taking a look at Casino1's review of wires for online casinos to really feel confident and ready for the specifics of such a transaction.

Western Union

Casinos accepting Western Union came into existence just after the sites started offering players the option to bet online. And this is quite consistent with the innovative nature of the company. The development of the Internet has certainly hit their business model, but the impact of Western Union on the communications and financial transactions industry cannot be overestimated.

The company was founded in 1851 and was trying to establish itself as a telegraph service provider for the people of the United States. Later, they will become leaders in the field of money transfers, exchange telegraph machines, faxes, payment cards, and even “singing” telegrams.

Western Union has over a century and a half of industry experience behind it. Doing business with this company means working with a reliable financial institution. Many casinos have special arrangements with Western Union that provide discounts and other special offers for customers who use WU to make deposits.

Western Union is a widely accepted deposit method available to customers worldwide. Customer service is available in dozens of languages; the company also serves various world currencies.

WU has a rewards program that provides lower service fees. More information about the My WU loyalty program can be found below.

Visit our Western Union casino page to learn all about how online casinos actually work, as well as where to find the best online casinos that accept Western Union.

FAQ about Payment Methods in Italian Casinos AAMS

FAQ logo - Domande frequenti


How long does it take to withdraw winnings?

Although withdrawing real money winnings from a casino account is not as fast as making a deposit, cashing out and receiving the money won does not take much time. The expected withdrawal time often depends on the online payment channel you choose to use.

Do online casinos usually use the same withdrawal and deposit methods?

Withdrawals from an AAMS online casino can be arranged differently depending on the casino you trust. Therefore, we always advise you to check the casino withdrawal methods and rules page before registering, as the dealer, although legitimate and reliable, may not include your preferred withdrawal method in their list. Definitely worth checking out our detailed reviews listing the best Italian online casinos.

Do Italian online casinos also have instant withdrawal methods that can be recommended?

If they are available at the online casino of your choice, we always recommend using e-wallets and credit or debit cards for withdrawals. As for e-wallets, it is better to rely on PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. On the other hand, if you choose to use credit or debit cards, regular Visa and MasterCard cards are usually a great option.

Are there any withdrawal limits?

We often disclose the withdrawal limits set by AAMS online casinos. They represent the limit of the amount that a player can collect in a certain period of time. Often casinos set a limit on how much money can be withdrawn per week.

Example: if you are lucky enough to play your favorite online game and manage to win €20,000, and the withdrawal limit is €5,000 per week, then it will take a whole month to cash out your winnings. Another thing to keep in mind is the limit combinations set by AAMS Italian online casinos instead of a single simple and linear withdrawal limit.

This is why our experts at Casino1 always advise you to read the withdrawal terms and conditions of your favorite online casino prior to signing up, just to find out if these withdrawal limits are reasonable before you make a deposit and start playing safe online.

Can I see my previous deposits and withdrawals?

While you can always check all your deposits and withdrawals later by checking your bank statements, these movements can also be tracked by examining your online casino account history to find out how much you have deposited into your online gaming account and by what method.

Advantages of the Wide Choice of Available Payment Systems

Greater freedom of choice not only improves ease of use and affordability, but also means higher quality and greater dealer commitment. Italian online casinos authorized by AAMS generally offer a variety of payment options and methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and many other methods and channels, both online and offline.

All of these alternatives and payment systems must be carefully reviewed by the financial authorities and the monopoly agency to ensure maximum reliability and transparency of use. This can certainly be said of the best Italian online casinos, with perhaps the most versatile payment methods, which have been duly reviewed by Casino 1.