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Detailed Guide to New Slots Online| Best Slots at Italian Casino AAMS

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We all love new things, and marketing companies know this very well. Novelties almost arouse the interest of the public: from different iPhones to cars, from a new collection of clothes or even toothpaste. This, of course, also applies to slot machines. It remains to understand how to find them!

Online casino visitors can be conditionally divided into users who want to have fun and gamblers whose main goal is to win. There are much more representatives of the second category, since playing slots for real money has long had a reputation as a profitable activity. After registering in an Italian licensed casino, players get access to many slot machines, and theoretically you can win on each of them. In fact, the effectiveness of playing slots depends on many factors, including the player's ability to self-organize.

The main goal of all casino visitors is to win. It doesn't matter if the player sets the goal of getting rich or just enjoying the excitement. When playing slots, it is especially difficult to win, but if you take as a basis several strategies presented in this article, you can increase the chances of success.

Of course, the opportunity to play slot machines for free does not exist. However, today there is a technology that allows online game manufacturers, both existing and new, to immediately present their latest releases to an informed and knowledgeable audience, those who are really interested in slot machines on the Internet. Using slot machines in a free trial version without downloading allows Italian and foreign players to feel involved, "vote" for their preferences and reach a consensus regarding which online slots are the best slot machines of the year.

Common Goals in Online Slots

Slot machines are a popular type of gambling entertainment today, involving the investment of money. Every beginner and experienced gambler dreams of getting the most rewards by placing bets and inventing various strategies. There are many schemes and techniques that are used to increase the chances of winning, but you can only find out if all these methods and approaches are so effective if you know how the slot works.

Slots work on a random number generator that determines the chance and amount of winnings. It calculates the result instantly.

Each slot has an RTP - a percentage of money returned to players. The RTP size can be found in the help section of the game. RTP is usually 95-96%. But this does not mean that each participant will get back most of their money: the meaning is that the game gives this share of the total purse to random players. The casino keeps only 4-5% of all money. Even after winning, the gambler brings the winnings back to the casino.

Before you start playing, you should clearly understand that you can lose money without getting the coveted jackpot. It is worth allocating the amount that you are ready to lose. Moreover, the loss of this money should not affect the financial condition. Clearly set a financial limit and under no circumstances exceed it. If the entire amount is lost, do not try to win back by replenishing the deposit.

First, start playing, be sure to clearly understand how you can spend pennies without taking away the jackpot. Moreover, the waste of these pennies is not guilty of being recognized on the financial level. Clearly set the financial limit and do not overdo it for the everyday environment. Since you have squandered the whole amount, do not try to win, I will renew the deposit.

Another important factor influencing the gameplay algorithm is the license. If you play on a legal slot, there is a chance at least not to lose the main part of the bankroll, but pirated copies are twisted up to 5-10%, so there is absolutely no chance. At the same time, it is worth noting that the small percentage that the slot takes can work at any time and in different or one game session. What does it mean? One gambler will constantly get winning combinations, and the rest will pay with RTP. This is the whole trick of the slot machines - you will never guess what will fall out in the next spin.

This analysis is primarily aimed at helping Italian players who would like to find the latest slot machines, to give them the opportunity to evaluate slot machines for free in order to enjoy playing casinos.

This page is happy to let us solve the problem. Once we understand the difference between the worst and the best new game producers and how to recognize them, we will turn to casino slots winning strategies. We have an effective and proven system that helps 9 out of 10 Italian players learn new legal slots while playing for real money. Read on and we'll get to this topic.

List of the Best New Online Slots in AAMS Online Casinos

Guide to Online Slots with No Deposit Bonuses

Modern casinos offer users different types of services. If a player is registered on the site, he can play for money in any slot machines from the range, participate in tournaments and lotteries. For activity, bonus funds may be awarded that require wagering.

To play slots (slot machines) for money, you need to replenish your betting account. It is better to use the most convenient payment system for this, since in the future it will be used for withdrawal. If the gambler has funds on the bonus account, they are used for betting first.

The money is credited to the bonus account as a reward from the club. The rules of many casinos provide for a first deposit bonus and activity rewards. Online Slots Bonuses can be timed to a specific date. If the club has a loyalty program, the player can receive bonuses on a regular basis.

It is impossible to withdraw funds from the bonus account without prior wagering. You can wager the bonus in any slot by simply placing a bet from the bonus account. The player will be able to withdraw bonus money only if the bet on them plays well and they are transferred to a real account.

The reality of the Italian casino world is that with the regulation of the market by the state, we will see fewer new operators and more and more offers from iGaming Providers. The latter will increase the number and variations of their offerings of new slot machines and more, always competing for dozens of virtual slots already existing and installed in Italy.

The Casino 1 team follows these trends and observes them in the most developed markets. They are regularly repeated and, fortunately, they affect the quality of the supply in the country.

In order to successfully stand out from their competitors, providers usually include innovative features that reward the most active players. And casino operators offer many no deposit bonuses and promotions with a certain regularity even for those who already have an account. They just like to promote new Italian slot machines, so it becomes relatively easy to find various free spins, leaderboards and tournaments, prizes and offers designed for the most demanding audience.

How to Participate in the Online Casino Slots Bonuses

In order to take advantage of the available profitable promotions, you must adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Carefully read the guides and reviews of online casinos that are on this page. Already from the pros and cons that we present for each operator, you will be able to choose with more confidence which legal online casino is right for you;
  • Open an account at casino. Register and verify a online casino game account, but do not go any further before reading carefully and choosing how to proceed, also based on what we report below;
  • Check out the list of available current promotions and bonuses. Once you have properly configured your gaming profile settings, please read the terms and conditions of the offers as well. Sometimes it's better to start with a no deposit bonus just to enjoy the latest slots and mobile casino releases. In other cases, however, you forfeit the opportunity to access a much more substantial first deposit bonus and with superior conditions. Don't jump right into the first opportunity to play for free, think about the long-term benefits. It is always necessary to take into account the conditions for wagering and withdrawing bonuses. Perhaps the requirements are so strict that it is better not to use this bonus.

All active players can easily get profitable and generous bonuses from online casinos. Then if you win anything with instant bonuses, even better! And if not, then you will surely like the new free slots.

How to Identify the Best Modern Video Slots

immagine di Buona slot e slot mediocre

If a lover of playing in an online casino sets himself the goal of making money, it is necessary to approach the choice of slot machines wisely. There are several important aspects that we will look at below.

Theoretical return (RTP). This is a preset parameter that characterizes the return of the slot - what part of the funds it is guaranteed to return during a long gaming session. It's like tossing a coin. The probability of falling out "heads" and "tails" is equal and amounts to 50%. If this experiment is carried out for a relatively long time, the number of times when an “eagle” and “tails” will fall out will almost be equal. But, at a short distance, for example, only an “eagle” can fall out. The same is true in slots: a player can be lucky several times in a row. But if he wants to play many rounds, a high RTP is a guarantee that he will at least return most of the money wagered.

Volatility (dispersion). This parameter characterizes the frequency of formation of winning combinations and the size of payments. With low volatility, sequences will be formed frequently, but with low payout ratios, and with high volatility, the opposite will happen. When playing high volatility slots, you should reduce the size of the bet to minimize the risks.

Bonus features. From gamble and free spins to themed rounds, modern slots come with a lot of extra features. The most promising are free spins, since during such bonus rounds the player does not risk his funds. You need to consider how often bonuses are launched, what is their winning potential. All this can be tested in a free "demo" mode. The risk game (“Gamble”) is a useful feature available in many slots. With its help, you can at least double the amount of winnings after any successful round.

Fans of playing online casinos should not forget about the entertainment aspect of gambling. Focusing only on earning money, players quickly become disillusioned with gambling.

The secret recipe for distinguishing the best slots on the Internet is to identify some principles and certain standards to be followed when creating new slots.

  • Passion. Creative studios and people who love their work manage to create that sense of appeal and functional fluidity. They are inspired by their calling to be innovative and are genuinely committed to filling a niche in the online gaming market. We have met many manufacturers such as NetEnt, Play N Go and Novomatic;
  • Deadlines. Is the market mature? Let's say a programmer developing a certain slot spends 2 hours a day playing online slots and another 8 hours working on his creation. There is a discrete possibility that the upcoming slot is too complex, that it does not meet the needs of the market, not ready for futuristic or complex features. This would be a bit like Tesla's suggestion in 1832, so to speak;
  • Intuition of experts. A recurring trend in blockbuster games of the past 4 years has been the new online slot machines that have the "Hunt" feature.

"Hunt" function in Online Slot

Naturally, this is not about some series or even about the typical pastime of those times that are now a little far away. But it's the producers' ability to signal to the players what to chase. In a word, lead the plot of the action where there is money.

The point is obvious in jackpot machine games - they place the progressive jackpot at the top of the screen, as shown by the banner. However, the real problem for the makers of the best new slots comes with the possibility of making this jackpot impossible.

Jackpot slots are the only online casino games that offer huge life-changing prizes as prizes! Other than some of the traditional Las Vegas casinos, there are few gambling establishments in the world that offer million dollar jackpots that can be won on slot machines.

A small percentage of each spin in a jackpot slot machine is deposited into a separate shared account, and then players from different online casinos using a particular jackpot slot machine compete with each other for this large accumulated amount. In other words, it doesn't matter which online casino you play jackpot slots at, all players using the same jackpot slot will contribute to the total jackpot. When a progressive network jackpot is won, the gaming software provider sends information to the central progressive jackpot processing server to confirm the win, after which the winning amount is transferred to the winner's account.

However, most casino slot machines in Italy do not have a jackpot. Therefore, they need to use other factors and characteristics to create a sense of aspiration.

immagine del Book of Ra Deluxe bonus Feature

"Level Up" in Slots Online

The trends of the now globalized gaming market have highlighted another very popular feature of virtual VLTs, namely the "Level Up" system. It's about offering a progressive personal path during your gaming session that will lead you to unlock new features and built-in bonus machine games.

So why don't all new slot machines have clear goals and a level up system? The simplest answer would be that there is no single solution for making good slot machines or a set approach that is a formula for success. We always return to the above list of three specific qualities that time has given weight and importance. Producer coherence and perceived commitment is the point of reference that ties together the elements of success, not a specific slot game feature, random jackpot, or even the theme of the graphic solution itself.

The same goes for the various bonuses and free spins: how they relate to the whole gameplay, whether they add up mathematically and even if they look presentable with that theme or slot game type. Finally, the sync between perfect sound and cool animation needs to be both authentic and glamorous.

All of this captivates the players, excites them, brings with it that element of "chase" that when you hear it, see it, you already know that this new slot game is worth the candle.

Which Slots Are Bad

There are some badly made slot machines and some really unpresentable slots. We make a clear distinction between two categories of bad slots:

A) Those who initially have nothing to offer.

There are some studies based simply because some of their experts are proficient in some of the elements in creating online slots. They can only do one thing, and no matter how well they do it, it is clearly not enough.

Betsoft was one of the first examples of this. It took the company years before they came up with a decent mathematical model. While they were quite advanced with making great 3D graphics, perhaps a bit too advanced for the time and the PC potential of the time.

B) Those who need better preparation.

In February 2017, we did some Play n' Go "Prissy Princess" tests... but almost with tears in our eyes! A digital machine games producer like Play n' Go, with a portfolio of so many mythical and majestic slots, really needs to know the dynamics and demands of the market better. A new employee may have Prissy Princess as their first project, but there still needs to be a company tester who can protect the company's image and credibility from such an onslaught.

It's really hard to find the right words to explain what makes it so bad, but the fall of a major producer like Play'n Go with Prissy Princess was what insiders like to call a "bad win." Beat".

Screenshot di Prissy Princess di Play'n Go

Victory in Bad Beat

Naturally related to the concept of a poker bad beat, where a strong hand loses in a statistically improbable way, the phenomenon of winning a "bad beat" involves an honest intention to succeed, which ultimately leads to the worsening of the situation.

In the context of new casino games, this concept can be illustrated by the payoff provided by the slot machines, which, paradoxically, ends up frustrating and frustrating for the player. Here, Prissy Princess had a respin feature - when you win, it lights up. But the more you win, the more reward symbol cascades continue until you stop winning. Of course, this can be a great feature, but where Play'n Go fails is the introduction of various other features that can be activated during the respin!

Gaming Experience in Slots Casino

Let's try to explain the "Treasure Chest" and "Tournament" methods. After winning 5 times in a row, you automatically enter the Treasure Chest feature. This in itself is, of course, good. But during the respins, you can collect up to 3 flags for the Tournament. If you hit 2 on the first spin you will also earn win respins and you will get gas, the urge to catch that third flag lights up. This has happened to us, and not infrequently…

We kept getting two flags and were chasing this bonus game for a long time. But every time we reached 5 consecutive wins, the Treasure Chest would arrive on time and CANCEL the already collected flags, also interrupting the re-spins.

Where Play n' Go excels is in the overlapping special prizes, with no real consideration for the consequences in terms of gameplay. They really wanted to benefit the players by giving us both the Treasure Chest and the Tournament Hunt, but they actually cut off the path to the latter. And we cursed ourselves, despite the fact that we did everything "according to the rules."

Everything is going well - meeting internal deadlines, bringing RTP to the required levels and checking mathematical algorithms - all this goes into planning Slots as a complex product. But relegating the gaming experience to the background, which creates an emotional connection with the casino games and makes the aspect of real winnings or free spins disappear... We really don't get it. This seems irresponsible to clients, and big names like Play n' Go should be in a better position to manage such a project.

Summing Up

Before you start playing online casino for real money, take advantage of the free offer and test slot machines in demo mode. Even 5 minutes is enough for you to have a picture of the game. If everything suits you, go through the registration procedure, replenish your account and go ahead. When replenishing your account, pay attention to a few nuances, they automatically go to the next item.

We do not recommend making the first payment as minimal as possible. Firstly, the casino bonus directly depends on the amount of the deposit.

Often, the casino gives new players the opportunity to increase the deposit several times during the game.

Starting the game, decide on the amount of loss and then stop. Of course, every player sets himself the goal of winning. But this does not always work out, otherwise the casino would simply go bankrupt. Therefore, before the first spin of slot machines for real money, set yourself a limit.

Don't try to win back!!! This is the main mistake of most players. We have repeatedly carried out observations when the ground points of slot machines were still working. We witnessed the following scene. As soon as the player "wound up" and without hesitation began to "drain" the bank, trying to win back, in 80-90% of cases he remained a loser.

With the top payouts on new slot machines available at Italian casinos – RTP often in excess of 95% and imposed by AAMS – these free and substantial amounts give us the opportunity to play for free for a long time, to try many of these fantastic slots online, rather than risk anything from our pennies.

Choose your no deposit bonus now, follow our instructions and find out how to win with new slots at the best Italian online casinos!

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