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Dream Catcher by Evolution - the most socially Live Game

Dream Catcher di Evolution Gaming con presentatore maschile

Il Dream Catcher Live by Evolution Gaming

Dream Catcher (literally "dream catcher") is a fairly new game for Live casino. The software provider Evolution Gaming worked on its development. And although this version of the game is completely new and unique, the concept of the Wheel of Fortune was used in its creation. This game has been known in land-based casinos for many years. The Evolution Gaming version was released in May 2017. The theoretical return to player (RTP) is 96.58%. Thanks to this, Dream Catcher has a payout level similar to most modern slot machines.

This connection was actually also the main reason why Evolution Gaming released the Dream Catcher game. Industry sources have told us that several international and reputable online casinos have requested a Live Casino game that may also appeal to slots fans. According to an unspoken rule, there is a division among players into lovers of slot machines and those who love to play live casino games online. That is, either you play slots, or you play Live Roulette or Blackjack Live Streaming HD. This game, however, should change that distinction.

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A Brief History of the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is based on the simpler and more colorful form of the roulette wheel. There are also many different types of wheels, but the most common one is the "Big Six". It is on the principle of this wheel that Dream Catcher Live by Evolution Gaming was developed.

In real land-based casinos, the Wheel is located next to the cashier's table. Operators hope they can tempt customers with their last few spins of the Wheel before they leave.

The Wheel of Fortune became part of our mainstream pop culture when Merv Griffin, an American television producer, introduced it on his TV show Wheel of Fortune in the 1970s.

In 1996, the gaming provider IGT released its first slot machine called Wheel of Fortune in a land-based casino. In this slot machine, the increasingly popular wheel was combined with the classic slot machine.

After quickly becoming one of the most popular land-based slot machines ever released, over 240 different variations of the popular slot machine have been released to date. Some successful versions have recently also been released online.

Evolution Gaming is not the first software provider to develop this game in Live format. Software maker Betgames has its own live Wheel of Fortune. But the Evolution version has a number of features that make it different and unique. This is especially true of the payout structure, which is more attractive for adrenaline junkies!

Game Rules Dream Catcher Live by Evolution Gaming

immagine dei numeri di catcher dei videogiochi di evoluzione

Fast forward to 2017, when Evolution continued to develop web games to attract a new demanding and dynamic audience to live casino games, hoping to achieve a “crossover” for online slots fans and big live wins.

Briefly about the game:

  • The game wheel contains 54 equal segments;
  • There are two lower sectors with a multiplier symbol (2x and 7x);
  • The user needs to place a bet on the number on which, in his opinion, the rotation of the Wheel will stop;
  • Each number has its own payout ratio. This is easy to remember because the payouts are numeric: 1 pays the bet x 1 times, 5 pays the bet x 5, and so on;
  • If the wheel stops on a multiplier symbol, all bets stand and the wheel spins again until it stops on a number. This win is then multiplied by a multiplier. For example, if the multiplier is 7x and then the wheel stops at 5, your bet will win x 5 x 7 (35x total payout).

Each number has a different payout and the frequency with which it appears on the wheel:

  • Number 1 (yellow) occupies 23 segments of the game wheel;
  • Number 2 (blue) occupies 15 wheel segments;
  • The number 5 (purple) occupies 7 segments of the wheel;
  • The number 10 (Green) occupies 4 segments of the wheel;
  • The number 20 (orange) occupies 2 segments of the wheel;
  • The number 40 (red) occupies 1 segment of the game wheel;
  • The 2x multiplier takes up 1 segment of the game wheel;
  • The 7x multiplier also takes up 1 segment of the game wheel.

Social Aspect of Gameplay

This is definitely a live online game for users who enjoy the social aspect of the gameplay. By connecting to the game, you will hear how the host jokes loudly about himself, the game and see how he plays along with other users. Sometimes there may be two leading online games. And it's even better, because then the number of funny jokes and fun on the air will double!

You may also notice the social aspect in the chat. We have never seen more heavily used chat in any other Live Casino game on the net! Sometimes there are immature comments, but the Evolution Chat moderators do a great job with this.


The Live Game interface is designed in such a way that it can be played on desktop PCs as well as tablets and mobile phones. Computer players also have two view modes to choose from:

  • Fullscreen HD;
  • Classic mode for those who don't have broadband or want to see more previous results and side chats.

Summing Up

That is to say, this live casino game might not be for the average slots player. But she's definitely perfect for a social chameleon!

Dream Catcher is definitely a niche game. So it targets exactly where a particular crossover product like this can be successful. This game is an attempt to encourage people who have never gambled before or who might want to try it live but are holding back because they are intimidated by gambling, complicated rules or other users.

Most likely, Dream Catcher Live by Evolution Gaming will not suit the typical web slots fan who wants to somehow switch to live streaming Live Casino HD. Although the game itself is simple in concept, like slots, for example, you won't find the excitement inherent in the game, for example, when you trigger the bonus round or a few free spins. In slots, you know you're going to get something when that happens. But in Dream Catcher Live, even when the 7x multiplier is active, you still need to match the winning number to get paid out.

Having said that, this is a great live casino game if you are a chatty player, if only because the social aspect is really amazing! As a result, we played for a long time and enjoyed every second. Basically we bet smaller amounts on 2 (blue) and 40 (red) just to stay connected and enjoy the jokes.