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On PokerStars we now compete in Virtual Reality. We know VR best!

PokerStars ha appena rilasciato il suo nuovo casinò VR per i giocatori di casinò dal vivo!

Beyond the Augmented Reality of Live Casinos

There had been a lot of talk about it in recent months and the news was in the air: PokerStars VR has arrived globally and is also available to Italian users . This is the much discussed and anticipated Virtual Reality after the great success of the Live offer of the best casinos on the web with annexed Augmented Reality stimuli: sounds, high definition images, chat with the croupiers and much more.


But Live Casino is one thing, Virtual Reality quite another! The continuous technological revolution has allowed online game providers to develop a customizable environment where the player can intervene in the first person with his own gestures, read the behavior of the competitors, even make extravagant plays and movements that require an integration of inputs and detected outputs of a high and unthinkable complexity until recently.

After many tests, the PokerStars VR is also available in Italy and can be reached through the stores of the manufacturers of the appropriate devices - Helmets and VR glasses - to be precise, the Oculus and the Viveport, or from the website of the software supplier itself, Steam .

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Limitations and expectations

However, having a downloadable version of the PokerStars VR environment does not fulfill all the wishes of our and international players. First of all, this remains an early release and, as such, not fully developed and perfected. There are neither different languages ​​available (for now only English is supported by context menus), nor can you play for real money , only virtual Free Money. In a few months, however, we believe we will be able to see even these filed details!

For now we just have to try these fantastic environments and so different from those we have available from our home. Not so much because it will be the only possibility in a few years but above all because it broadens the horizons to Casino services on the web, on Mobile and in live HD!

More choices available today on PokerStars Live

What PokerStars VR will be able to give us to some extent is wanted and expected, but there are realities and environments that are already able to serve some of our senses and stimulate live emotions.

The noise of the chips reminds us of the land-based gambling hall and is incomparable, but it already exists in the environments Live online casino , as well as there are possibilities for advanced interaction already through real-time chat, as well as receiving the croupier's voice. While there are no sensations of one's cards in hand and the possibility of catching the various tells of our opponents like at the real table. Apparently, however, they do not seem too far from online casinos.

If you think VR is right up your street but want to play for real money, try the PokerStars Live Casino Reviewed at Casino 1 and you will have dedicated environments in live HD but with real money winnings!

Recensione e Bonus del Casinò PokerStars

100% up to300€

PokerStars Casino takes you to the best game rooms: fun and rewarding, choose the free or real money version.

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