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  • Producer:Microgaming
  • RTP:97%
  • Volatility:Medium
  • Paylines:243
  • Rolling:5
Jurassic Park

Play a free online slot machine from 2014 that takes you to Steven Spielberg's famous dinosaur park. Bet as low as €0.01 or up to €0.05 per token! Enjoy the adventure without spending any money!

Review of Jurassic Park Slot

Welcome to the exciting world of Jurassic Park slot machine! Inspired by the famous film by Steven Spielberg, this addictive reel game is developed by popular game provider Microgaming. Get ready for a thrilling adventure with gigantic dinosaurs and exciting bonus features.

Join us as we explore the special symbols in the game and learn how to activate the exclusive "T-Rex" feature for even more chances to win. Play for free at Casino1 or with real money on authorized sites, where the game is completely safe to play and you can potentially win up to 95,000 coins!

Are you ready to embark on this fabulous Jurassic Park adventure? With its immersive gameplay and thrilling bonuses, this slot machine is sure to provide hours of excitement for both casual players and avid gamblers.Check our review to be aware of the rules, and that it is not very complicated.

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Jurassic Park Slot Features

Welcome to the exciting world of Jurassic Park online slot! Right from the start, you'll be impressed by its captivating graphics and special features. One of the highlights is the exclusive "T-Rex Alert Mode" that gives you a series of amazing free spins with 35 Wilds added to the reels, creating multiple winning combinations for big wins!

What's more, for fans of free spins, Jurassic Park online slot is among the more affordable options. Triggered by three or more Scatter symbols, the "Free Spins" feature offers five different bonus modes, each with its own unique game settings, sound effects, images, and bonuses. This enhances your overall enjoyment and increases your chances of winning!

Get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime with Jurassic Park online slot. With its visually appealing graphics and exciting bonus features, this slot game is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

Free Spins

Let's dive into the exciting world of slot and discover its special free spin rounds! There are a total of 5 different rounds that you can unlock by landing at least 3 mosquito fossil symbols, which act as scatters. In each round, you'll be treated to 12 free spins with unique features that can greatly increase your chances of winning big. Some rounds even offer the possibility of earning additional free spins under specific conditions. Plus, after every 25 rounds, you get to choose your favorite round to play!

Here's a closer look at each of the 5 free spin rounds in Jurassic Park:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Round: Get ready for some T-Rex action! When triggered, the screen shakes as a massive T-Rex appears, turning entire reels into wilds from top to bottom. The Wild symbols transform into bold and bright 'Wild' words in a vertical orientation, greatly enhancing your chances of winning. If the T-Rex turns 2 or 3 entire reels wild, you're in for a big win!
  • Velociraptor Round: Watch out for the Velociraptors! In this round, they can appear from the jungle, jump and hiss, and turn regular symbols into Wilds at random. These Wilds come with a random multiplier ranging from x4 to x6, giving you the chance to score an impressive win. The Velociraptors can also split a Wild symbol into two, adding to the excitement!
  • Brachiosaurus Round: This round features a Mystery Multiplier that can greatly boost your winnings. With each spin, your win is multiplied by a random multiplier ranging from x2 to x6, adding an element of surprise and potential for big wins.
  • Triceratops Round: Hold on tight for the 'Running Wilds'! A massive Triceratops may appear on the screen and turn an entire reel wild, and you'll also receive an additional Wild symbol on the reels with each spin. If a reel is partially filled with Wilds, you'll even get an extra free spin. This round can continue for a while, offering plenty of opportunities for big wins.
  • Dilophosaurus Round: Last but not least, the Dilophosaurus Round features a small green dinosaur that spits Wild symbols onto the reels randomly. These Wilds can greatly increase your chances of winning by substituting for other symbols in a winning combination. Sometimes, multiple Dilophosaurus can appear, offering even more chances for big wins.

It's important to note that although these rounds may seem like bonus features, they all start with 12 free spins. Regardless of which round you choose, you have the chance to return to the base game with a substantial boost to your balance.

Bonus Game

The excitement doesn't end there! The bonus mode in slot is consistently linked with rewards, making it highly likely to be associated with big wins. One standout feature is the renowned 'T-Rex Alert' mode, which is unique to this Microgaming slot. Just like the T-Rex's prominent role in the movie/TV series, this bonus mode adds an extra layer of thrill to the base game. Triggered randomly with a subtle screen shake and a massive 'T-Rex Alert' sign, it's more like a bonus within a bonus.

When the T-Rex is spotted deep within the Jurassic jungle backdrop, the majestic creature crosses the 4th or 5th layer of the Parallax Scrolling effect, sometimes coming perilously close to the reels. A striking 'Extra Wilds' red sign appears in the middle, and a flurry of wild symbols scatter across the screen, adding a whopping 35 extra wilds to the reels. This incredible bonus mode lasts for the next six spins, ensuring that you won't miss the T-Rex sighting!

In addition to the T-Rex Alert feature, Jurassic Park online casino game is packed with other bonus rounds that are as diverse as they are rewarding. From free spins to special features, the game is teeming with surprises waiting to be discovered at every turn. With its generous bonuses and thrilling gameplay, this Microgaming slot promises an unforgettable gaming experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Theme of Jurassic Park Slot

The T-Rex, dinosaurs, and the main characters from the 1993 film directed by Steven Spielberg - Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, and Sam Neill - take center stage in this captivating video slot. The visuals are reminiscent of a cinematic film, brought to life with impressive animations, sound effects, and graphics, thanks to Microgaming's excellent work.

The original characters, animated videos, and realistic style create an immersive gaming experience that is sure to impress.

If you enjoyed the dynamic nature of this title, you might also want to check out Warlords by NetEnt, another production known for its high-quality graphics.


Jurassic Park video slot brings innovative graphical effects to life, providing players with an immersive experience. As you spin the reels, you can even take a virtual ride around the park, thanks to the accurately reproduced background and animations that pay homage to the popular film. The game features original characters and fearsome dinosaurs as symbols, which come to life with animations when winning combinations are formed.

One of the standout symbols is the "Wild," represented by the Jurassic Park logo. It serves as a substitute for other symbols, except for the Scatter, to enhance the chances of creating winning combinations.

The "Scatter" symbol, depicted as a mosquito trapped in Jurassic amber, triggers the lucrative free spins mode. Landing at least three Scatters on the reels unlocks one of the five bonus modes, awarding players with 12 free spins accompanied by exciting features such as multipliers, wild reels, random or stacked wilds.

In addition one of the feature it is main characters from the film, including Laura Dern as Ellie, Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm, Richard Attenborough as John Hammond, and Sam Neill as Alan Grant, the regular symbols are inspired by the original cinematic work. Players will also encounter various dinosaur icons and the iconic T-Rex.

For those who enjoy the multi-bonus gameplay and realistic effects of Jurassic Park, we also recommend trying Ted by Blueprint, where you can find a similarly addictive experience.

Slot Game RTP/Volatility

The Slot Game has an RTP (Return to Player) percentage of around 96.7%. This means that, on average, for every $100 you wager on the game, you can expect to receive $96.70 back in winnings over time. The RTP percentage is a theoretical figure calculated over a long period of time, and actual winnings can vary greatly based on individual gameplay sessions.

In terms of volatility, the Slot Game is considered to be a medium to high volatility game. This means that the game can produce both smaller and larger wins, but the larger wins tend to be less frequent. It also means that the game can be quite unpredictable, with periods of play where no significant wins are hit, followed by a period where several big wins occur in succession. The high volatility of the game can make it very exciting to play, but also means that it may not be the best choice for those looking for more consistent, low-risk gameplay.


Jurassic Park Slot offers players the chance to win some significant payouts. The game has a maximum payout of 6,000 times the player's bet, which can result in a substantial amount of money for lucky players.

The game's payouts are determined by the symbols that land on the paylines. The most valuable symbols are the dinosaurs, with the T-Rex being the highest-paying symbol. The actors from the original movie also offer decent payouts, with Dr. Alan Grant being the most valuable character symbol.

Players can increase their chances of hitting big payouts by taking advantage of the game's bonus features. The free spins mode, in particular, offers various options, including multipliers, wild reels, and stacked wilds, which can significantly increase the payout potential.

Overall, Jurassic Park Slot has the potential to provide players with some substantial payouts. By understanding the game's symbols, bonus features, and payout percentage, players can maximize their chances of winning big while enjoying the game's thrilling dinosaur theme.

Jurassic Park Slot on mobile devices

According to jurassic park slot review slot is also accessible on your smartphone and tablet. This game, released in 2014, has been excellently adapted by the provider to work seamlessly on devices with Android and iOS operating systems. You can play it in both horizontal and vertical screen modes, making it convenient for different orientations.

Jurassic Park mobile is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhone and iPad devices. The game features a graphics resolution of 1024-768 pixels and supports major mobile browsers. It's important to have a stable internet connection to ensure a satisfying gaming experience even when playing on mobile devices.

If you liked Jurassic Park, play for real money in online casinos!

If you're a fan of movies and games with lots of bonuses, you'll love the Jurassic Park online slot machine. It's exciting and addictive, with frequent bonus features and many modes. The animations and images are also very refined, and it works smoothly on any device. All of these features make it perfect for spending hours of fun.

If you're someone who loves adrenaline-pumping games, you can play for free on our site for as long as you like. You can discover all the features of the game before betting real money in an online casino with no deposit bonus .

Here are some useful tips that can help players maximize their chances of winning while online games:

  • Understand the game's payout percentage (RTP) and volatility level to manage your bankroll effectively.
  • Take advantage of the game's bonus features, especially the free spins mode, to increase your chances of hitting big payouts.
  • Consider using a betting strategy that suits your budget and playing style, such as the Martingale or Paroli system.
  • Always play responsibly and set limits on your spending and playing time.
  • Take advantage of any promotions or bonuses offered by online casinos to maximize your playing time and potentially increase your winnings.

Remember, playing slot games should be done for fun and entertainment purposes only, and players should always gamble responsibly.

Pros and Cons

According to our review here are some Pros and Cons of the Slot Game:


  • The game features high-quality graphics and animations that are faithful to the original Jurassic Park movie, which can make for a very immersive gaming experience.
  • There are multiple bonus features available in the game, including free spins with different modes that can increase the chances of hitting big wins.
  • The game has a decent RTP percentage of around 96.7%, which means that over time, players can expect to see a good return on their wagers.
  • The game is available on both desktop and mobile devices, making it accessible to a wide range of players.


  • The game has a medium to high volatility level, which means that players may experience periods of play where they don't hit many wins, which can be frustrating.
  • The betting range for the game may not be suitable for all players, as the minimum bet can be relatively high compared to other slot games.
  • Some players may find that the game can become repetitive after extended play sessions, as there are a limited number of bonus features available and the core gameplay mechanics remain the same throughout.

Overall Rating

Based on our rating of several factors such as user experience, game features, payouts, and sounds & visuals, we give Slot a high overall rating.

The game's user experience is top-notch, with stunning visuals and immersive sound effects that transport players to the world of Jurassic Park. The gameplay features are also impressive, with multiple bonus features available, including free spins with various modes that can increase the chances of hitting big payouts.

The game's payout percentage is also decent, with an RTP of around 96.7%, making it a solid choice for players looking to potentially win big. Additionally, the game's availability online and on both desktop and mobile devices adds to its convenience and accessibility.

Overall, Slot is a highly recommended game for fans of online casino games and slots. Its engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and potentially lucrative payouts make it a must-try for players looking for an exciting and rewarding gaming experience.