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  • Producer:ELK
  • RTP:96.30%
  • Volatility:High
  • Paylines:7776
  • Rolling:5

This online slot has beautiful pictures and lots of different things you can do. Fight spooky monsters to try and win up to €130,440! The smallest amount you can bet is €0.2, and the most you can bet is €100. But, if you play with us, it won't cost you anything!!

Review of Kaiju

Come and play the Kaiju slot! You'll be in a cool, futuristic world where you can help a female cyborg named HA-42 fight big, scary creatures. You can play for free on Casino1 , and the game is made by a company called ELK.

If you read our review, you'll find out how to get free spins and make the reels bigger to win up to €130,440! Plus, you'll learn how to help HA-42 save humanity from these bad monsters.

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Kaiju Features

The Kaiju slot game looks really cool and has lots of different things you can do. If you beat the scary monster called "Kaiju Red" in the bonus game called "Kaiju Battle," you can get up to 7776 ways to win!

There's also a special thing called the "Vertical Laser" that can make you win even more money if you get a bunch of the same symbols. And, you can also play the "Free Spins" mode where you'll fight against another monster to win prizes.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and play this exciting slot? Let's start spinning those reels and see if you can beat the monsters!

Free Spins

The Kaiju online Slot game is really cool, and it's set in the future! They have a classic Free Spins mode, but they made it modern and different to fit the game's theme.

To get Free Spins, you just need to get 3 HA-42 symbols on the reels. Then, you'll get 7 Free Spins and have to fight against a monster - red, blue, or green Kaiju. This is an important part of the slot because it helps make patterns on the screen that can make you win more money.

And, if the reels get bigger, you'll get an extra Free Spin! So, let's start playing and see if you can win some money while fighting the monsters in this futuristic slot!

Bonus Game

Kaiju slots game from ELK Studios has some awesome bonus features waiting for you. You can trigger the bonus round by getting 3 HA-42 symbols on the reels, and then you’ll get 7 free spins. During this round, you’ll have to battle one of three Kaiju monsters.

Each Kaiju brings a different hot zone to the game, which means you can activate different types of wilds. Here's what you get with each monster:

  • Reel Expansion: vertically connected identical symbols to reveal a wild that expands upwards
  • Hotspot Activation: All symbols that the laser hits connect and turn wild
  • Sticky Wilds: wilds that land within the hot zone remain in place until the end of the bonus round

Theme of slot

“Kaiju” means “monster” or “strange beast” in Japanese. This online slot game by ELK Studios is inspired by Japanese monster movies from the 1950s, featuring scary creatures like Godzilla. The slot has modern graphics with a cool blue color scheme and characters resembling popular Japanese cartoons and video games. The sound effects add to the mysterious and futuristic atmosphere of the game. It's an exciting free video slot that you don't want to miss!


The Kaiju slot game from ELK Studios has a dark blue background with colorful symbols. When you win, the symbols light up and the coins you've won are shown in the center of the screen.

The "Wild" symbol appears on the top row when 3 identical symbols connect vertically. You can also get "Expanding Wild" and "Sticky Wild" symbols to increase your wins.

To trigger the bonus round, you need to get 3 cyborg HA-42 symbols, which are the "Scatter" symbols. This will give you 7 free spins, with an additional spin for each reel expansion.

The other symbols in the slot are red, blue, and green gems, and colored tiles. There are up to 7776 ways to win!

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Slot RTP/Volatility

Kaiju slot machine is a highly entertaining game with a solid Return to Player (RTP) rate and moderate volatility. The RTP of the game is set at 96.3%, which means that for every $100 wagered, $96.3 will be returned to the player over time.

In terms of volatility, Kaiju is considered to be of medium level, which translates to a decent balance between high and low payout frequencies. This means that while the game does offer decent payouts, they are not as frequent as those in low volatility games.

Players who enjoy high-risk, high-reward games may find the moderate volatility of Kaiju a little too conservative for their tastes, but those who prefer a steady stream of moderate-sized payouts should feel right at home.

Overall, the combination of a solid RTP rate and moderate volatility makes Kaiju a well-balanced game that offers an enjoyable gaming experience for all types of players.

Kaiju on mobile devices

Enjoy Kaiju slot machine on your mobile devices, both Android and iOS, with smooth and seamless animations that are perfectly compatible with any device. The game was created in 2018 with HTML 5 technology, providing top-notch graphics and fluid gameplay similar to the latest video games.

If you were impressed by Kaiju and want to try a similar slot with different features, check out White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming. It offers multiple special features and expandable paylines.

Kaiju Mobile is optimized for both horizontal and vertical screens and is compatible with older devices. Experience the game's Full-HD graphics resolution for an optimal gaming experience.

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In Kaiju slot machine game, a female cyborg fights against scary monsters to save humanity from extinction. The graphics of the game are amazing and the gameplay is smooth on any device. This game is unique and offers many special features to make it even more exciting.

You can play Kaiju Slots for free on our website, and when you're ready, you can play for real money in safe and reliable online casinos.

Pros and Cons

Here are some Pros and Cons of playing Kaiju:


  • Kaiju features stunning graphics and animations, which make for an immersive gaming experience.
  • The game has a unique and engaging theme, inspired by Japanese monster movies of the 1950s.
  • With up to 7776 ways to win, players have a high chance of hitting a winning combination on every spin.
  • The game includes exciting bonus features, including free spins and different types of wild symbols.
  • Kaiju is mobile-friendly and compatible with both Android and iOS devices, so players can enjoy the game on the go.


  • The game has a relatively high volatility, which means that wins may be less frequent but higher in value.
  • The minimum bet is relatively high, which may be a drawback for players with a limited budget.
  • Kaiju may not appeal to players who prefer more traditional slot machine themes.
  • The bonus round can be challenging to trigger, which may be frustrating for some players.

Overall, Kaiju is an exciting and visually stunning slot machine that offers plenty of opportunities to win big. If you're a fan of Japanese monster movies or simply looking for a unique and engaging slot machine to play, then Kaiju is definitely worth a try.